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When movie studio mogul Edgar Trenton's teenage daughter, Olivia, is kidnapped during a violent home invasion in Calabasas, California, former U. Marshal Simon Fisk is called upon to ensure a smooth ransom exchange. But once it becomes clear that the kidnappers never intended to return Olivia to her parents, Simon must follow a lethal trail that will lead him from the powdery white sand beaches of the Cayman Islands through the wild jungles of Costa Rica, and into some of the darkest and deadliest cities of South America. The Lair. Louis Charbonneau. Not all evil hides in the dark.

His new daughter-in-law, Angie, has chilling news—his son Mike suddenly disappeared from their motel in Mexico. Then, the letter arrives. The plane crash that let Kinney fake his own death was good luck, finding the fugitive Nazi was destiny. SS Officer Ernst von Schoenwald struck an expensive bargain for his life that day. Kinney thought his luck had run out when he spotted Mike in Guadalajara. But Mike was exactly the catalyst Kinney needed to set off a twisted life-and-death game of avarice and bloodlust designed to overthrow von Schoenwald and claim his spoils. Book 3.

Twelve years after a kidnapping destroyed former US Marshal Simon Fisk's family, he is newly determined to find the people responsible for taking his then-six-year-old daughter. Returning home from a case, Simon transforms his apartment into a war room and refuses to step away from the cold case, even after enduring months of dead ends and frustration. The Bone Parade. Mark Nykanen. Ashley Stassler is not your average artist. He has been wildly praised for a series of bronze sculptures that group families together, depicting them in moments of excruciating physical and emotional pain--but the art world has no clue as to how he creates such authentic, gruesome, seemingly tortured human representations.

He assigns each family a number, and now he's up to number nine. What's in store for family 9? Cruelty and savagery that you can't even imagine. The Bone Parade introduces a villain who is as methodical, calculating, and detached as any found in the best fiction. It's gripping. It's chilling. You might be too afraid to read on, but you'll never be able to tear your eyes away. Quiver: A Novel. Peter Leonard. One of the most riveting and powerful new voices in crime fiction, Peter Leonard delivers a razor-sharp debut thriller. Similar ebooks. Perfect Victim. Christine McGuire. Called the "sex slave," and "the girl in the box" case, this is the story behind Colleen Stan's terrifying, seven-year-long imprisonment by Cameron Hooker as told by the district attorney who tried the case.

Too bizarre to be anythin g but true, it is a tale of riveting intensity and gripping courtroom drama. P Is for Peril. Book Kinsey Millhone ventures into the darker side of the human soul in this gripping novel from 1 New York Times bestselling author Sue Grafton. Kinsey Millhone never sees it coming. She is mired in the case of a doctor who disappeared, his angry ex-wife, and beautiful current one—a case that is full of unfinished business, unfinished homes, and people drifting in and out of their own lives. Then Kinsey gets a shock. A man she finds attractive is hiding a fatal secret—and now a whole lot of beauty, money, and lies are proving to be a fatal distraction from what Kinsey should have seen all along: a killer standing right before her eyes It's tough shooting for stardom when there's a war on.

But Rosie's got enough pluck for two: she's willing to stumble around in a Broadway dance chorus that she has no right to be a part of, in a musical that's got "flop" written all over it. And all the while, she's worrying about her missing-in-action soldier boyfriend, who hasn't written in months. Lately, she's also been keeping bad company with her mob-muscle pal, Al, who's dabbling in a host of shady money-making enterprises in this time of shortages and rationing. But despite his illicit line of work, Al's no killer. But the plot could soon be taking another lethal turn, bringing a final curtain down on Rosie, Jayne, and all their good intentions.

The 18th Abduction. Detective Lindsay Boxer's investigation into the disappearance of three teachers quickly escalates from missing persons to murder in the newest Women's Murder Club thriller. For a trio of colleagues, an innocent night out after class ends in a deadly torture session. They vanish without a clue -- until a body turns up. With the safety of San Francisco's entire school system at stake, Lindsay has never been under more pressure. As the chief of police and the press clamor for an arrest in the "school night" case, Lindsay turns to her best friend, investigative journalist Cindy Thomas.

Together, Lindsay and Cindy take a new approach to the case, and unexpected facts about the victims leave them stunned. While Lindsay is engrossed in her investigation, her husband, Joe Molinari, meets an Eastern European woman who claims to have seen a notorious war criminal -- long presumed dead -- from her home country. Before Lindsay can verify the woman's statement, Joe's mystery informant joins the ranks of the missing women. The ultimate ch I received this book from a Goodreads First Reads giveaway. The ultimate choice of right or wrong in a situation you never wanted to happen again.

This is real and heartbreaking. So realistic, at some points I had to take a break in fear of my heart about to break. Give this a try if you like suspense with plot twists. Overall very great book. Sep 22, Raven rated it it was amazing. Admittedly having read at least four with this theme last year with varying degrees of success, I was a little ambivalent at facing another, but thankfully The Edge of Normal has neatly circumvented the woe has produced a plethora of fiction based on the theme of abduction, and the emotional and traumatic journey to recovery undergone by women held captive at the hands of abusers, and with the revelation of the Ariel Castro case in America, there is much to be said about art mirroring life.

Admittedly having read at least four with this theme last year with varying degrees of success, I was a little ambivalent at facing another, but thankfully The Edge of Normal has neatly circumvented the woeful plotting and laboured narratives of the others I have read this year, and really struck a chord in its depiction of Reeve St Claire as a survivor of long term abduction, and her journey back to life.

Naturally, Reeve finds herself in danger as her utter determination to stop this particularly manipulative and brutal man, still holding another girl captive, and as the story unfolds the empathy we have established with this fragile young woman, becomes even more potent. Likewise, I found the characterisation of the abductor himself, an outwardly charming and professional man in a position of authority, who dispassionately manipulates other men to do his dirty work for him, extremely effective in the story.

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She was brutally raped, humiliated, and horribly tortured. Through an accident, she was found alive and not well inside a car trunk. After a lengthy trial, her captor Daryl Flint is sent to prison. She sees a psychologist to help deal with the aftermath. She changes her name. She gets a job. She's better now. She's almost normal. Years pass. Then young females begin to disappear.

Tilly Cavanaugh is found alive and not well inside a dark and hidden basement. A mirror image to Reeve. Her captor Randy Vaderholt is sent to the local jail. He's just a puppet for the true captor. A man of many puppets. Who is this mysterious man? How many young girls will be abducted? Will they be found alive? I enjoyed it immensely. This felt so real. This book was very visual.

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Ohh my! View all 5 comments. Oct 17, Donna rated it it was ok Shelves: read-in , criminal-element , uncomfortable-subject-matter , mental-illness , dark-and-disturbing , terrible-audio-narration. I'm not even exaggerating. And the story itself was almost a repeat of every single thing I hated about The Never List. I'm so disappointed. Review soon. Aug 19, Patrice Hoffman rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads-giveaways. The Edge of Normal is the first fiction novel written by Carla Norton.

Immediately the plot sucks readers in with the failed attempt to move Reeve LeClaire from one hiding place to another ten years earlier. It's the perfect mix of irony and realism. I don't want to spoil it because I thought it was pretty good. They discuss how much she's recovered since her abduction and captivity. Reeve isn't able to see the changes but Dr.

Ever After The Romance Book Specialists | The Edge of Normal: A Reeve LeClaire, Novel, Book 1

Lerner insists they are there. Then news of a newly escaped victim, a young girl named Tilly, thrusts Dr. Lerner and Reeve back into the spotlight. The spotlight also places Reeve in danger of the person who's trying desperately to keep his secrets untold. Carla Norton does not skimp on the details of the heinous crimes done to these girls while in captivity. The violence Reeve endured by the sexual sadist in this novel gave me chills.

I could not imagine another human being treating someone that way. The Edge of Normal is not for the faint of heart, but it is such a worth it read. On her journey to becoming "normal" Reeve discovers she can help Tilly, and others in her same situation. With her high intelligence, she is able to piece together clues that the police are either ignoring, or not made aware of.

No one knows the dungeons like she does and she's hoping to find this accomplice for Tilly and every other girls sake. Reeve really evolves into a character that will stick with readers past the last page. I would love to see her featured in future novels by this author. This psychological insight gives The Edge of Normal a depth many suspenseful thrillers lack. The one gripe I have is that the characters, outside of Reeve, Tilly, and the predator Duke, all seem to be under developed. There's a scene with Tilly's older brother that leaves me wishing he'd been kept out of the book.

I don't know why every teenager has to be as selfish as they are written. It's enfuriating!! Also, the prosecutor Burke is a jerk. I mean what sadist crawled up her anus and decided to live there? Are all prosecutors that numb to cases and only want to win that they forget how to care? And a woman prosecutor at that who seemingly has no sympathy. The Edge of Normal will have readers on the edge of their seats cliche I know but I had to say it. I am so happy I did not allow this to gather dust on my shelf. I recommend this novel to lover's of suspenseful thrillers laced with psychological insight.

The Edge of Normal is such an awesome, page turning debut! Mar 11, Heather rated it it was ok Shelves: , suspense. Norton does not give us an edge of your seat thriller or a psychological portrayal of a victim become vigilante. What we get is mystery with little action. What we get is the suspense of a whodunnit where we already know who the perp is so we also know that its just a matter of time before he is caught.

Reeve at first is a sympathetic character but she has only slight flaws. There is nothing abnormal about her. Her flaws are shown as mild symptoms of PTSD; like hypervigilance being acutely aware Norton does not give us an edge of your seat thriller or a psychological portrayal of a victim become vigilante. So she ends up coming out as a flat character. As does the perp, whose only goal is to masquerade as a good guy meanwhile being the super-intelligent villain underneath.

Norton presents Reeve as a vigilante but does not explain to us how she shifted from victim to vigilante. Norton actually uses Reeve in the end to forward the plot by giving her both an uncharacteristic trusting nature which flies in the face of her overall character and a level-headed-ness that allows her to view spoiler [ inflict physical damage on the perp twice and not only escape captivity but a raging fire as well hide spoiler ] I give this a rating of 2.

It is an okay read but not memorable. I did like the premise, but not a lot of the content. I would recommend, "Room," to those interested in the psychological after effects of this type of crime. I was left with a feeling of, "Dammit this could have been so much more. Then again I prefer books to TV - can you tell? She loves her job at a sushi restaurant, and has been keeping regular appointments with Dr. Ezra Lerner, a therapist specializing in the psychological aspects of captivity. When the news breaks that a little girl, Tilly, has been rescued from a similar situation, and her captor arrested, Dr.

Reeve reluctantly agrees, and finds herself growing attached to this little girl and her family. It would be so easy to mine the perverse acts that these women have to endure for shock, but The Edge of Normal is not that book. She yearns for intimate relationships, not just romantic, but just connecting to another person besides her therapist and the well-meaning yet sometimes smothering attention of her family. The Edge of Normal is suspenseful, scary, and ultimately, very satisfying.

It also brings us one of the most repulsive and arrogant bad guys in a long while. Seriously, repulsive is the tip of the iceberg with this dude. Reeve is a kidnap survivor. She also survived being raped and tortured for 4 years, from the age of 12 to 16, before she was rescued. Several years have passed and she is still trying to put her life together. A short trip away, three young girls are missing.

One is found and located Reeve's psychiatrist has been called in to talk to the family and victim as he is the foremost expert in these kinds of situations. This time, he is asking Reeve is a kidnap survivor. This time, he is asking Reeve to come with him He feels the experience will help both of them. Reeve gets heavily involved in finding the two still missing girls The book was good, at times exceptional.

I really liked Reeve. She's a young woman still trying to find who she is and I enjoyed watching her grow stronger. The only criticism I have is with the ending. The storyline builds to an explosive situation.. It was a bit abrupt and I was left wanting something a little more.

The concept was good. The writing was precise. But there was no suspense or passion to this story. It just sort of plodded along. Jul 19, Linda rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-thrillers. I just had to pick up The Edge of Normal since I heard that it is in the works for an upcoming movie.

I'm sort of working my way backwards. I read What Doesn't Kill Her first see my review and was really taken with it. I wanted to know more about the main character of Reeve. Reeve had been abducted and held hostage by an unbalanced wacko for four years. You can only imagine how stilted and withdrawn that she becomes after a chance rescue.

Hunted: A Reeve LeClaire Novel 2

Carla Norton could have left her in a fetal position. Re I just had to pick up The Edge of Normal since I heard that it is in the works for an upcoming movie. Reeve eventually becomes functioning in society after some time. She still remains cautious and can easily revert back into her cocoon when unsure of her bearings. Now that is what makes Norton's character believable. Norton has her finger on the pulse of her characters and they are presented in a strong acceptable manner throughout the book. Carla Norton must have had many a dream of the "boogie man" under her bed as a child. Her devious, repulsive captors are beyond creepy.

It scares the jelly beans out of me to just imagine that, in real life, there are sub-humans who walk this earth exactly like this. Norton has done her research and it is apparent throughout the book. It is my sincere hope that she will continue to follow through with additional books based on the character of Reeve in assisting the FBI with future cases. Reeve is one resilient young woman to march through the pages and Norton is one stellar author to pull this off with her heads-above talent. Sep 04, Pamela rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery-thriller-suspense-favourite , reviewed , author-to-watch-out-for , highly-recommend , will-always-remember , series-favourite.

I love a good thriller, especially one that's dark and disturbing, and lucky me as that's what I got when I picked up "The Edge of Normal. Such an intriguing and riveting tale full of twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end, reading each and every word well into the late hours, leaving me with feelings of such satisfaction and pleasure when I reached the end, by the same token feelings such disappointment as the story had come to an end.

Norton's debut fiction novel is a true thriller that should not be missed. I anxiously look forward to her next work of fiction. Jul 15, Sheila rated it really liked it. This was a good one. Lots of brutality though. The ending was excellent. Shelves: netgalley-ebook , serial-killer , psychological-thriller , suspense , fbi , galley-from-netgalley , 4-victims-total , 2-missing-victims , psychiatrist-specialized-in-treatin , dr-ezra-lerner.

Bravo to the author!!! The protagonist in this story is Reeve LeClaire, who went through hell and back when an abductor captures her. She is held captive in a stark, horrid, dark basement for about 4 years and suffers through severe abuse that is hardly imaginable. She makes an amazing escape on her own, saving her own life. Even though they capture the man who abducted her and he is in prison serving time, she is still being watched. She has no clue this is happening, but starts to wonder after a while.

Although the terror lived on in her mind as it would anyone if this were to happen to them, a special therapist, a doctor who specializes in treating people who go through these types of horrid ordeals such as this, Dr Ezra Lerner, comes along to help her. He gets her through recovery, which is quite remarkable. She is now living a normal life, although she still remembers.

One day a young girl by the name of Tilly who had been abducted also, escapes her abductor, just like Reeve did. Immediately Dr. Ezra Lerner is called in to help this girl. Lerner gets an idea that would help Reeve further her recovery and Tilly's by asking her to come help with Tilly and her recovery right away.

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The two girls together would be able to relate to each other. With trepidation, Reeve agrees. Off she goes to try to help. In the meantime, there are two more girls who have been abducted. This all seems like it has to point to one man, a serial killer, who is taking these girls because the MO Method of Operation is the seems to be like it was for Reeve, and the police believe this has to be the same abductor for all three of these girls, and possibly Reeve, too.

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Somehow Reeve thinks it goes a little deeper than that, and she starts her own search for this monster. The monster finds out that Reeve is helping Tilly, eventually. He does not like this. Little does he know that Reeve is catching on to him. She puts herself into the limelight of trouble, and it's all she can do to try to remain safe herself. Does it work, though? In this book it goes back and forth between places, yet we get to read what the serial killer is thinking and doing, learning about him, too.

We learn what is driving him, and how he is threatening others, too, and everything in between. You will be shocked, scared, unable to comprehend how a living human being can be so sick, while looking over your shoulder, rooting and cheering Reeve on! Simply put - an amazing read NOT to be missed!

I loved this book! It was written with excellence! I was able to connect with the the characters, especially Reeve. I could feel what they were feeling, the FEAR, the worry, and more. The character of Reeve is completely believable, and when I think back to the book, I still think of her and the other characters as being so realistic. All the characters are so life-like. The suspense had you on the edge of your seat the entire time. Scroll down and read 'about the author', and that will tell you even more about 'why' you need to read this book!

You guessed it! The "Book Buzz " book! LOVED it! It is NOT required for from this review to be either positive or negative, but of my own honest opinion. Jun 19, Shelleyrae at Book'd Out rated it really liked it Shelves: arc-are , netgalley-reviews , provided-by-publisher. Winner of the Royal Palm Literary Award for best unpublished mystery, it is being published in most major markets.

Regina Victoria LeClaire was twelve when she was kidnapped and held prisoner for nearly four years by a sexual sadist. Her escape was miraculous but at twenty two, Reeve, as she is now known, is still struggling to overco The Edge of Normal is a chilling debut fiction novel by Carla Norton, best known for her true crime expose, Perfect Victim: The True Story of "The Girl in the Box". Her escape was miraculous but at twenty two, Reeve, as she is now known, is still struggling to overcome the horror of her experience.

When news breaks that a missing girl has been found after enduring similar circumstances to those Reeve suffered, Reeve's therapist, Dr Lerner, invites her to join him with a view to befriending the young victim and help in her recovery. Reeve is reluctant, worried Tilly's story will endanger her own fragile equilibrium, but she quickly bonds with the young girl whose fear is still strong, despite her captor being jailed.

Then Tilly reveals a secret to Reeve that she refuses to share with anyone else, there was not one man involved in her abduction but two, and the one she named Mister Monster is still out there. We know from the outset who Mister Monster is, he is a local police officer, a surveillance expert, and a cunning predator who has developed an elaborate system to satisfy his sadistic pleasures.

An omniscient narrator allows us to witness how this monster is able to evade detection and allows the reader a glimpse into the depravity that drives him. Reeve is an interesting protagonist, uniquely suited to be the heroine of this story. It is wonderful to see her shed her identity as a victim and begin to view herself as a survivor. It is equally satisfying, if perhaps a little bit of a stretch, to have Reeve be the one to unravel the monster's intricate layers of self protection.

The plot is fairly predictable but the tension is sustained in part by the unknown fate of two other missing girls, Hannah and Abby, and Reeve and Tilly's vulnerability to the monster. The pace is fast, short chapters encourage you to keep turning the pages and the resolution is pleasingly neat. Norton draws on her knowledge and understanding of similar crimes to deliver a taut thriller in The Edge of Normal.

Well written and absorbing, I'm happy to recommend it to fans of author's like Chevy Stevens and heather Gudenkauf. Aug 24, Kathy Martin rated it really liked it.

Reeve LeClaire has been rebuilding her life for six years. She was kidnapped as a twelve-year-old and kept captive for almost four years. During that time she was beaten, starved, tortured and sexually abused. She is still seeing the same psychiatrist that she has been seeing since she was freed. Lerner is a noted expert famous for helping people who have been held captive. When he gets a call the sends him to Northern California to help another year-old who was just freed from captivity, Reeve LeClaire has been rebuilding her life for six years.

When he gets a call the sends him to Northern California to help another year-old who was just freed from captivity, the parents want to talk to another of his patients before trusting their daughter to him. Reeve is startled and unsettled to be asked because she feels that she is a long way from normal. But, when she loses her part-time job, she goes to see if she can help young Tilly Cavanaugh. She doesn't follow the news or she would know that Tilly was just one of three young girls who had gone missing from the area. She soon learns the details and finds herself investigating to see if she can find out what happened to the other girls.

The story was exciting and the sections from the mastermind who came up with the kidnapping plot were chilling. It was especially chilling when he decided to focus his attention on Reeve. I liked that Reeve was stronger than she thought she was and I liked that she was more determined too. I liked her tentative romance with the young deputy who worked with the prosecutor and thought it was realistically handled. I recommend this quick read for fans of thrillers. I am such of fan of edgy suspense! And narrator Christina Delaine has the perfect husky alto voice to pull off all the parts.

I realized after I started that she also reads Chelsea Cain's suspense series, which I also like. Reeve LeClaire escaped her kidnapper in a fluke accident 6 years earlier, and she's recovering. Not quite there but working on it with a good psychiatrist. When he asks her to talk with a young girl who also recently escaped her captor, she demurs at first, then agrees, as I am such of fan of edgy suspense!

When he asks her to talk with a young girl who also recently escaped her captor, she demurs at first, then agrees, as she too was mentored by a young woman recovering from captivity syndrome. She develops a close relationship with Tilly--but soon discovers that the man they charged with the crime is only an underling. There's someone still worse, and he's still out there. Since it's suspense, we know the identify of the bad guy but that doesn't lessen the impact of every scene in which Reeve is stalked and terrified, especially the harrowing climax.

An interview with the author at the end reveals that she's working on a sequel, which I suspected, based on the open ending. A chilling novel, with the ominous tone and foreboding established in the first scenes, well-drawn characters, multiple plot twists and surprises. On another level this is an intriguing story of self-discovery, as Reeve moves from powerless victim to a powerful woman to reckon with. Watson, another haunting, intense novel with psychological overtones. This was a well written psychological thriller. It follows Reeve LeClaire who was kidnapped at 12 and tortured physically and sexually for 4 years.

She was left with emotional and physical scars and has been seeing therapist Dr. Ezra Lerner since her rescue. Now at 22 she is still struggling with living in the real world and depends a lot on Ezra. When a girl that had gone through the same thing she had is found Ezra ask her to help her. At first she is hesitant but once she gets there and talks This was a well written psychological thriller. At first she is hesitant but once she gets there and talks to the girl it causes a change in her and she now feels her calling should be to help others with the knowledge she now has of these monsters.

Jul 10, Terri rated it it was amazing Shelves: thrillers-suspense. Reeve is a survivor. She survived being kidnapped and held captive and abuse. She is healing. Now, another girl has escaped captivity from another sadistic abuser and her therapist asks if she will talk to Abby and help her. Only there are two other girls missing and everyone wants answers. I really liked this book, I wasn't sure at first.

I had many questions about what was happening but I really liked Reeve so I kept going and I am glad I did. The story was complex and interesting even if it did Reeve is a survivor.

The story was complex and interesting even if it did have some predictable moments. The story is told in multiple POVs one of which is the main villain who is truly evil and intelligent. Overall, I am really glad I stuck with the book after my initial hesitation. This book is an absolute page turner. It is filled with suspense and sometimes difficult subject matter, but it is a must read! You will find it difficult to put down. It captures you from the first page until the very last one.