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Book of the Maccabees 1 Macc. The Prayer of Manasseh Man. Psalm Ps.

Books of the Bible in German and English

Susanna Sus. The Wisdom of Solomon Wis. Or true only in some contexts? I would have used plural And if I've omitted or mixed up anything, I hope someone will be so kind as to fix it. Comment Quite an undertaking, eh? Let's see if I can help by giving the Catholic version of these things mostly the same, especially now, but there are a few differences I'm using the forms from the New American Bible, which is the version we use during the liturgy in the United states.

In brackets I am including in square the forms based on the older Doauy-Reims translation which is based on the Vulgate , since these forms are common in literature written well into the 20th century in the English-speaking world e. The Douay-Reims version is the "old-fashioned style" Bible, much like the King James version in its language first published between and For epistles, "letter" is used today in the liturgy, though people still say "epistle" sometimes.

I would imagine that the use of St. Paul, St. James, etc. In the liturgy, we say "A reading from Paul to the Hebrews"] the Letter of St. James the Apostle [also: the Catholic Epistle of St. John the Apostle the Letter of St. Jude the Apostle [also: the Catholic Epistle of St.

The New Testament is not that different from what you have above. I'll get on the Old Testament later, which has some differences, and the DR names are totally different.

Two Corinthians Five-Seventeen. Revelation and Lamentations wouldn't usually come with 'of St John' or 'of Jeremiah'; like Acts, they're usually just referred to simply as Revelation and Lamentations. Unless this is one of those cases where the ordinal form is threatening to disappear from AE as we speak, as with speaking 'July 4' as 'July four' instead of 'July fourth,' which still is the only form that sounds right to me. Perhaps other AE speakers will comment on whether they too still say 'Second Corinthians. Same here not to mention all the people who mistakenly put an S on Revelation ; sorry if I wasn't clear about that.

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And I see that late at night I may have mis-sorted some of the letters under 'to' and 'of,' sorry; I trust that anyone compiling a final list could check that. Comment I say "One Corinthians" when casually discussing it. For most dates it's "October Eighteenth", but July 4 is "the Fourth of July" - I think it's just because it's a special day, so it retains an older form. Comment 'One Corinthians,' really? I wonder how widespread that is. Merc, how do you feel about Apocrypha singular vs. If you just thought about it unawares without someone just having asked you about grammar Comment I have no idea.

We call them "Deuterocanonical" books, but they carry the weight of Scripture. I just looked through the old Catholic Encyclopedia's article on "Apocrypha" and could find no instance where they used the word with a verb - they say "apocryphal books", "apocryphal literature", etc. It seems like a Greek neuter plural though. Comment Oops, sorry, duh. I just checked the prefaces in a couple of versions I could lay hands on, and the one that uses that term treats it as plural: The Apocrypha here translated are those books and portions of books which appear in the Latin Vulgate With the exception of 2 Esdras these books appear in the In Luther's German translation The Apocrypha had a place in all the sixteenth century English translations The prefaces to the individual books are all written by different people, and I did find at least one that treats it as singular: While it was never part of the Jewish Scriptures, Judith became part of the Apocrypha, which has a place in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox canons of Scripture.

The real thing! Zu hardcore zum Kanonisieren!

Bible Translations in German and English

Comment Okay, here are the Catholic versions of the Old Testament. Most of them are the same as the ones hm -- us listed above. As above, the older version is listen in square brackets. If it differs from what hm -- us wrote, I will also include the shorter form in regular parentheses: Liturgically, "a reading from I am not sure how old this scheme is, though. This is the general meaning of the word "catholic" meaning "universal" - these letters are not addressed to any particular community, unlike St.

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Paul's letters. I am not sure of the Orthodox canon, but I do think they have " Kings" instead of " Samuel" and " Kings", and " Esdras" instead of "Ezra" and "Nehemiah". I think there is also a "Letter of Jeremiah" the final chapter in Baruch in Catholic bibles and a "3 Maccabees," which is not canonical for Catholics. I also think the Orthodox still refer to Revelation as "Apocalypse. Comment Another AE speaker here. I've only ever heard First and Second Corinthians. I mean, people consider "ain't" incorrect, but people say it and most dictionaries including LEO have an entry for it.

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Comment I was married in a Catholic church here in Germany, and the priest read 1 Corinthians , stating "erste Korinther If not posted by tomorrow, I'll type up the books. Comment Amy-MiMi: No, because it's not the same thing. We can agree that word forms change, grammar changes, etc. But with proper names, they are either right or wrong, period. If enough people called the movie "Star War", they'd still all be wrong. Forgivable to be sure, but it is simply not the title of the book, which recounts A revelation given to John.

So the plural is wrong on that count. Also, its original Greek name "Apokalypsis" is singular. It's like people who write "would of" - its simply erroneous and nothing could ever make it right, whereas a double negative may depend on the register and the dialect. However, a title came into usage from the first word of the book in Koine Greek: apokalypsis, meaning "unveiling" or "revelation". It is also known as the Book of the Revelation of Saint John the Divine or the Apocalypse of John both in reference to its author , or the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ in reference to its opening line , or simply Revelation often erroneously called Revelations in contrast to the singular in the original Koine , or the Apocalypse.

Perhaps someone has started a Wrong Entry in the past? Perhaps there's a 'New Entry' thread in the archives that explains why this entry came into being? Comment papousek, das ist mir auch aufgefallen. Comment 15 related discussion: Revelations - die Offenbarung Support me! Support me! Comment I'd be willing to bet that "Revelations" is not in print in any version of the Bible - it's just a common ignorant mistake. To have a Leo entry for seems to be perpetuating this mistake. It would be like having an entry for "would of" or an entry for "Star Track" a lot of people say this for Star Trek when they only know it in passing.

Comment 17 I've started a wrong entry thread link above. Comment So just to start: ;- 1. Mose, Genesis 2. Mose, Exodus 3. Mose, Levitikus 4. Mose, Numeri 5. Samuel 2. Samuel 1. Chronika 2. Korinther 2. Korinther Galater Epheser Philipper Kolosser 1. Thessalonicher 2. Thessalonicher 1.

German Luther Bible - Matthew 24

Timotheus 2. Petrus 2. Petrus 1. Johannes 2. Johannes 3. Chronik 2. So habe ich es als guter Protestant gelernt. Aber manchen ist Luther vertrauter, anderen Menge, Herder oder Elberfelder. Das kann man schlecht verallgemeinern. Comment Does anyone know if older German Catholic bibles or German language Orthodox bibles follow the Septuagint and some versions of the Vulgate in listing Kings instead of Samuel; Kings, or using other names for books?

Did most Catholics just use the Luther translation, or some other translation with "archaic language"? I guess I am asking if there was an equivalent of Doauy-Reims in German. Someone should be able to answer this - it wasn't that long ago. Other editions. Enlarge cover. Error rating book. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Details if other :. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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