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Mason's muse inspiring a story crying out to be told. The whole thing felt like a series of generic, commonplace romance novel ideas all thrown together with a ridiculous number of intimate scenes thrown in as filler.

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When you read a well written book, the story slowly climbs throughout until you reach the climax where it then winds down a bit and a happy ending is thrown in for good measure. The good novel is like a road which climbs steadily uphill. There might be a few bumps, twist and turns, or even some accidents on the way, but you still proceed steadily toward that summit.

Brave Land, Brave Love by Connie Mason - FictionDB

When you reach the top of the hill, there is a great deal of excitement and discovery this where we learn all the answers and the action culminates into an exciting conclusion. After that, you coast back down the hill a bit, enjoying the ride because it's all smooth sailing from here. However, with this book, the "road" felt like country lane "paved" with rocks of various sizes and with a good many pot holes.

The drive was nothing more than a series of small, jarring encounters that mostly seemed unnecessary, and the road didn't seem to climb at all nor lead to any particular destination There were also a good many story ideas with potential introduces but none of them seemed to ever lead anywhere going back to my road analogy, they were all side streets with dead ends.

Namibia, Land of the Brave

It just didn't make any sense at all. I'm avoiding giving specifics because I don't want to give spoilers though I do not recommend the read , but I think this much can be said without giving anything away The heroine has secrets big ones that are revealed as the story goes though even with those I guessed what was coming long before it was revealed - as I said at the start, much of this book was nothing more than a collection of standard romance novel issues, so it wasn't a stretch to figure them out.

When the first secret is revealed, there was SO much that could have been done with it! But, instead, she tosses that obstacle out almost as soon as it is made known!

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  7. So, what was the point? Then another secret comes up on the heels of that one, and the excuses and explanations for why she was hiding it were so thin that I kept thinking she was trying to stretch this out to make it more exciting but instead made it all just ridiculous and, for me, at least, it completely ruined the fun I would have otherwise had with that particular nugget. She also changed the hero's characteristics a bit from the earlier books. He's such a good guy - one you can't help but adore - in book one, but I felt like the version of him in book three was his body double again, trying to avoid spoilers, I'll just say he lies and breaks promises FAR to often to be the honorable young man who, in the first book, was willing to marry a woman he didn't love simply to protect her for his brother.

    The last issue is one I hesitate to go into because I feel it is often brought up in a way vastly different from my complaint, but here it is As I said at the beginning, it felt like Ms. Mason was trying to use intimate scenes to either smooth over all the ruts in the road or perhaps just distract the reader enough to make the bumps less noticeable. I have NO problems whatsoever with sex scenes I don't even mind reading erotica as long as the story is a strong one and not just a collection of overly-descriptive intimate scenes and am actually remarkably open-minded, so I'm not bringing it up because I have an issue with the nature of the author's style of writing love-scenes.

    My issue is simply with the quantity and repetition of them.

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    It felt like she threw one in every time she needed filler or a transition into a new scene went to a fancy dinner party at night but need the characters to be running all over London the next day. Hmm, well, just toss in a bedroom scene in between. Seller Inventory M Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!. Seller Inventory n. Brave Land, Brave Love.

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    Connie Mason. Publisher: Leisure Books Mm , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

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