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However, as they wi Once again she's back! Keisha Ervin that is, with her spellbinding tale of love, family, money and scandal. In this sizzling new story, Keisha introduces you to Mina Matthews. Mina is not your typical around-the-way girl; her dreams of making a life for herself outside the 'hood are now a reali Her female intuition told her he was a dog but yet and still she lent him her soul, gave him her heart and allowed herself to fall in love. Torn between infatuation, lust, denial and playing wifey, the only thing Mo knows for sure is that she's been through hell, survived nine years, three miscarria When things start to go b When we last visited the South Bronx, the South Bronx Bitches and an infamous drug ring, promoted lies, betrayal, and disloyalty resulting in drama and death.

Nobody s lives were ever the same. Six weeks later, Dink and Laci are adjusting to life as college students at Boston University. But with La Parade Knight hates her complexion. As a result, she considers herself to be unattractive and condones the misuse of her body. Sky Taylor is beautiful, fly and wanted, and loves reminding Parade of her imperfections especially after suspecting that she may be sleeping with her man, Jay Hernandez.

How far are you willing to go for family? Unfortunately, this is a question that Malik Ford has to answer when tragedy strikes his. Malik is a hard working, family-oriented young man. He is willing to do anything to protect his family from the mean streets of Brooklyn. That's not an easy task wit Robbing men, getting money and living lavishly is all they know.

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For Unique a. Stealing cars is their hustle and their way of doing it is Simply Unique. But jealousy, greed, love and envy are l Black is the novel that shatters the myth. The streets chose her. Tossed from a broken home, Kaia is forced to learn the hard way just how grimy street life can be. Shedding her innocents, Kaia, overnight it seems, Dough-Low watched the silky material grip her ass like a second skin.

Menage'S Way (Triple Crown Publications Presents)

What's really goin' on, nigga? Menage closed his eyes, wishing he didn't have to be bothered with her. Now just wasn't the time. Irish was only good for sex and just fucking around. What's up? I seen your ass at the Limelight all up on that girl. I would've said somethin', but I was wit' my baby daddy," she said smiling. Nah, I'm just trippin'. It's all good, though. I know you be out doin' your thing-thing, but you still could've called me. It's been Before Menage could try to explain, a blue Chevy '64 convertible pulled up carrying three wild-looking men wearing dreads. The girl standing next to Irish had the look of fear on her face.

The Chevy came to a stop. Menage looked at Dough-Low and then back at the two men. Menage's adrenalin started to flow as he watched the guy still seated in the back of the Chevy. Damn, J-Money, you stupid as hell. She was no fool. Chandra was alive, but far from well on the boat with the mercenaries.

When she tried to explain to Scorpion that she wasn't Felix's girl, he snapped and slapped her across the face so hard that it left a small cut under her eye. That was the last time she said anything about the mix-up. She sat on the corner of the bed looking at the floor in a daze. She knew she had to stay alive no matter what they did to her. Menage would come for her once he knew of her whereabouts, and he would do anything for she and their unborn child.

Chandra didn't hear Myrmidon and Scorpion walk into the cabin. She cringed when she felt Scorpion's touch on the back of her neck. She held back her scream as the pain danced in the roots of her scalp. I'm going to get what I want! He caught Myrmidon standing in the doorway looking at Chandra's exposed legs. I can tell she'll like it.

Menage's Way - Martin, Victor L. - | HPB

If not But since it'll be her last fuck, she just might not put up too much of a fight. They say it's good to kill two birds with one stone. Ain't that right, Myrmidon? Killing was his job, but rape Myrmidon still thought of himself as a soldier with a code. But he knew he couldn't stop Scorpion if he tried to rape her. He needed to get paid and the woman before him wasn't worth a dime to him. He would make some excuse to leave when Scorpion made his move on her. The best he could and would do was order his men not to join in on the act.

Scorpion wasn't a soldier in Myrmidon's book; he was more of a power-crazed government spook. Myrmidon licked his dry lips as Scorpion forced the girl on her back. She was strong, but Myrmidon saw the tears falling down her face. He knew she was about to break. He could easily put a bullet in the back of Scorpion's skull Myrmidon gripped his pistol.

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Scorpion had his fingers between Chandra's legs, amazed that she wasn't putting up a fight. Just as Scorpion stood up to take off his pants, one of the mercenaries banged on the door.

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Scorpion turned around and Myrmidon lowered his pistol and let the man into the room. As of now it's just doing a race track pattern, but when we moved it seemed to have Making sure Scorpion was gone, Myrmidon reached in his pocket and pulled out a packet of ointment.

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    Menage's Way by Victor L. Martin (2004, Paperback)

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