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Will note that Matthew's personality actually seemed less consistent, more timid than the first book, which made him harder to appreciate. More of a 4-star read this time rather than the 4. View all 4 comments. Jan 06, Mimi rated it it was amazing Shelves: my-shelf , cityscape , urban-fantasy , favorites , What a ride. I will most likely reread this book for a long time, just for the prose. It's so good to be back in the city again, even though it's a city I've never been to. And it's so good to feel it being alive and pulsing beneath my feet and to breathe in all those delicious exhaust fumes Kate Griffin writes about the wonders of a city being alive like no one I know, and she suffuses it with s Amazing.

Kate Griffin writes about the wonders of a city being alive like no one I know, and she suffuses it with so much life. Everything I loved about the previous book, A Madness of Angels , is once again present in this book, but amplified to a pulsating level that you can almost feel through the pages. And I just love the writing so much. Once again, Matthew Swift wakes up injured and disoriented and finds himself being chased by another vile city incarnation that's set out to kill him. The rest of the story is a whirlwind ride through almost every nook and cranny and crevice in London.

More on that, following my many many rereads. For now, here's Swift and the angels being quippy and pragmatic. Coincidence is usually mentioned only when something good happens. Whenever it's something bad, it's easier to blame someone, something. We don't like coincidence, though we were newer to this world than I. Inhabiting my flesh, being me as I was now us, we had quickly come to understand why so many sorcerers had died from lack of cynicism. I had been a naive sorcerer, and so I had died.

We, who had been reborn in my flesh, were not about to make the same error. The Swift-angel creature, while appearing almost entirely human, is at its core a combination of a traumatised dead sorcerer and infantile living fire, neither of which is fully equipped to handle living as two separate entities, let alone one fused mind. I am we and we are me. We are the same thought and the same life and the same flesh, and frankly I would have thought that you, of all entities to wander out of the back reaches of mythical implausibility, would respect this. I can get abuse pretty much wherever.

The polite voice of reasonable people scared of exciting the madman. Puff of smoke? I failed. I slumped back into the sand. What kind of mystic kept a spatial vortex at the bottom of their cauldrons of tea anyway? View all 11 comments. May 31, MLE rated it it was amazing Shelves: urban-fantasy , favorites. An excellent second book in one of my favorite series. The plot is well drawn, and fast paced. I love how magic works in these books, and how it has changed with the times. I love how much of a character the city of London is in these books, and I love Matthew's relationship with the city.

The writing continues to amaze me, and I love the sense of humor these books have. They more than hold up on repeated reading for me. On to the next one. Sep 10, Clouds rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , fantasy , fantasy-series , reviewed , pubs , urban-fantasy. Lyrical, sensual, and gritty urban fantasy with magic, monsters mystery and blood splashed unrepentantly across the very first chapter It took me too damn long to get around to reading this. I really enjoyed the preceding instalment, A Madness of Angels - it's not perfect, but it got me excited - and I was psyched to dive into the next one, but it took me an age to get around to it.

Eve Lyrical, sensual, and gritty urban fantasy with magic, monsters mystery and blood splashed unrepentantly across the very first chapter Even with all that bottled anticipation I wasn't disappointed For me, it started with Harry Dresden. Then came Fix Castor and Peter Grant. Matthew Swift was late to the party, but he made one hell of an entrance. Swift was an urban sorcerer. Then he was murdered. As he died, his soul fled into the telephone wires urban sorcerers are unpredictable like that.

While incorporeal, Swift's essence became mixed with the elemantal gods of the telephone wires, the Electric Angels. When another sorcerer tried to summon the Angels, they got a Swift-Angels symbiont dude instead. He's still Swift, but he's something more too Great concept - imaginative, original, dark and pretty weird That's the first book. So it starts with our hero dead - and then pretty much everyone dies. There's lots of action, lots of symbol-scrambling urban magics, and Swift is the last only man standing.

So where do we go for book two? The clue is in the title. As with all good noir inspired tales, we start with a death - not Swift's this time; the Midnight Mayor has been murdered. Now, the Midnight Mayor is a pretty powerful player in Griffin's city of wonders, yet someone's taken him apart like warm, wet, tissue paper. Our unknown, but hardcore, new big-bad is systematically destroying London's magical defences in preparation for a one-man apocalypse.

And who's going to stop him? Our boy, Swift, of course! A job made that much more thankless by the murdered Mayor's trigger-happy faction, who have jumped to the erroneous conclusion that a half-inhuman sorcerer is the most likely suspect for the sicko slaying of their beloved boss. My major complaint with the first book is that Griffin can't say in five words what she could say in fifteen. It gives the telling a lovely, layered, textured tone - but in places it drags. In places Swift's introverted, overly-analytical inner-monologue gets snagged on too many details.

In places the loving descriptions of the grimy mundanity of London become repetitious. In places, the supporting cast talk or monologue exactly like Swift, because Griffin has become kind of stuck in this mode. None of these are deal breakers, but together they conspire to strip an otherwise smashing book of that fifth star. My biggest gripe isn't with the writing style or the adventure itself, it's more the sort of character-framework. In book one, the body count included Swift's mentor and his apprentice.

There's no love interest in his life. The closest friend wants to kill him. There's not much in the way of camaraderie, y'know? Every hero needs a gang. We know exactly what kind of hero Swift is takes the hits, but keeps on coming, doesn't give up, doesn't give any respect, does what needs to be done because he loves his city, etc - but there's still a lot of questions about what kind of man Swift is.

He needs people he cares about to illuminate the contours of his personality. To allay my fears, the conclusion of The Midnight Mayor does seem to by nudging Swift in that direction It's a great series - I've already got the third one on my shelf beside me. Highly recommended for those who can ride a more lyrical prose style without complaint, and love a hotwired imagination - think Dresden Files meets Neuromancer! After this I read: Lightstorm I really enjoyed A Madness of Angels , the first book in this series which introduced resurrected sorcerer Matthew Swift and the blue electric angels, but I think I liked this one even better.

Maybe it's because I'm felling more familiar with Matthew's madness and his character which develops a whole lot further in this episode. Maybe it's because the blue electric angels show what they and Matthew can really do when given unlimited power in one stunning scene from the Underground. Or maybe it's I really enjoyed A Madness of Angels , the first book in this series which introduced resurrected sorcerer Matthew Swift and the blue electric angels, but I think I liked this one even better.

Or maybe it's because Matthew loves his city of London so much that he will do his damnedest to save it from those who would destroy it. The writing is intense and exciting as one by one the wards that protect London fall away.

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  • The Midnight Mayor (Matthew Swift, #2) by Kate Griffin.

When the protector of the city, the Midnight Mayor is killed, all that stands between a creature who can kill with a thousand cuts and threatens to hasten the end of the city is Matthew and the angels. Along the way we meet the Aldermen, a boy called Mo, murderous spectres, a missing hat, Matthew's old friend Oda and a rather alarming night club owner with a big heart called Boom-Boom. Infused with quirkiness, humour and originality this is everything an urban fantasy series should be.

View 2 comments. A much easier read than volume one. Matthew and Oda are back with the blue electric angels for more magical crazy in London. Loved the nature of the villain in this one also. His physical composition reminds me of a fun old anime series. I found this one much easier going than the first volume.

I was able to get through it in three days vs five for volume one, and I think the most obvious reasons would be that a. As with volume one, I do wish we were given some more introspection. Despite those issues, this continues to be very much what I want out of an urban fantasy series. Matthew Swift died choking on his own blood. Years later, he came back. But he didn't come back alone.

His struggle to understand his death, and the other magic users' struggle to come to terms with his new dual identity of blue electric angels and dead man, formed the basis for A Madness of Angels. After the cataclysmic events of the last few years, Swift deserves a nice long break--but alas, he's the last sorcerer left in London, and doom has come upon his city. The supernatural defenses of Londo Matthew Swift died choking on his own blood. The supernatural defenses of London are falling one after another, and no one knows why.

I read this all in one stretch into the wee hours of the morning, because I couldn't bear to put it down. The book moves at a frantic pace, jumping from a confrontation with a monster made of bathtub scum and grease to a club where the music is the beat of the owner's heart. The last book was an exploration of the boundaries of life; this one is a long, convoluted look at what it means to live in a city. The incredible complexity and interconnectedness of it, the tension between strangers, the meanings of neighborhoods, the effects of feeling anonymous and small--it's all wrapped up in the plot.

The writing is at times almost psychedelic, dealing as it does with magic of the weird and wild kind. Swift's spells are a combination of twists on common sense and modern life: he uses traffic signals as binding spells, recites brand names as summoning spells, and captures spirits by in beer bottles because you can drown anything at the bottom of a beer bottle.

He'll cajole a key into fitting into a lock one moment, then smash his fist, crackling with electricity, into an alarm the next. He loves street food, wants to know everyone's names, gives all his money to beggars, tells anyone about magic who'll listen, refuses to kill his enemies--he's basically my favorite character ever. The other characters are equally intriguing but I hesitate to name names, lest I spoil anything. I love these books, and I can't wait to read the next one. Shelves: muf , detective-hb-noir , fantasy , worldbuilding , trenchcoat-brigade , urban-fantasy , masquerade-world.

Spectres and Saturates scum monsters stalk or squish through the streets. There is writing on the walls of London. The ravens of the Tower are dead. And Matthew Swift, somewhat-deceased, partially-possessed sorcerer, has been attacked through the very phone lines from which he draws part of his identity. When he awakens from unconsciousness, wounded and bleeding, it is to the realisation that the Midnight Mayor, mysterious protector of the city, has been murdered.

But what with the disturbing entity calling itself the Death of Cities after him, he hardly has time to care about all the people from his own side who suspect him of having a hand in the Mayor's death. There is no way that I can write a review that adequately captures the world that Kate Griffin creates.

Honestly, I think this song --"Septimus" from the soundtrack of Stardust--with its quixotic uplifting tone and darker undercurrents, captures the story better than any words of mine. I was floored by the sheer creativity of A Madness of Angels , and Midnight Mayor is just as fantastically inventive. The sheer creativity of the world is delightful: conjuring with ASBOs is largely ineffective, spectres can be trapped in beer bottles you can drown anything in the bottom , and Tesco's receipts can be deadly.

In the end, the darker mood was far outweighed by dry wit and extravagant imagination. This book made me smile, and that is too rare and wonderful to resist. Jul 14, Amanda rated it it was amazing Shelves: review-copy , buy-on-kindle , series , urban-fantasy. The magical wards of London are being systematically destroyed — the ravens at the Tower of London are dead, the London Wall is defiled. In The Midnight Mayor, Kate Griffin takes the reader on a scorching tour around the city of London, introducing the Midnight Mayor and the extremely creepy Mr Pinner, The magical wards of London are being systematically destroyed — the ravens at the Tower of London are dead, the London Wall is defiled.

Kate Griffin employs the same writing style, imbues the pages with the character of London, and builds on many of the concepts introduced in her first novel about Matthew Swift. I did like A Madness of Angels — very much. I loved the dense writing, the beautiful descriptions, and the way that Griffin was able to turn the mundane into the magical. I thoroughly enjoyed the mystical characters and reveled in the mystery of the blue electric angels.

The Midnight Mayor was very similar, and that comprises one of my complaints about it. There were so many echoes of the first novel that it felt as though I was still reading A Madness of Angels. Once more, the novel opens with Matthew Swift in a state of confusion. He then tackles a creature from the depths of nightmare. In the first book this was the litter-bug; in The Midnight Mayor he comes up against spectres that can be slowed down by the recitation of ASBOs.

Then, as last time, we spend the majority of the story travelling around London and trying to use the rules of the Underground to prevent the villain from capturing Swift and Oda. Again, the finale is a breathless adventure tackling the dark soul that has been terrorising Swift — in A Madness of Angels it is Hunger, and here it is the Death of Cities. I loved the first book, so it was no hardship to follow more adventures of Swift, but I would have liked to see more departure from the formula.

In this novel he truly came alive, stepping to the fore and taking charge in a way that he failed to do last time. This character development was handled deftly by Griffin, to the extent that it was only really at the end of the novel that you realised how far Swift had come from his first confused moments. You read — seen — Lord of the Rings? Altogether, The Midnight Mayor is another triumph of imagination and whimsical storytelling from Kate Griffin.

I thoroughly enjoyed working my way through the stunning prose. The effort it takes to immerse yourself in the world of Matthew Swift is definitely repaid in full. Oh, that beautiful moment when you read just the right book at just the right time! In book 2 we have Matthew waking up, having been fried by a telephone booth.

Because the blue angels certainly can't pass up the opportunity to answer a ringing phone, you know? We meet the Alderman, the Midnight Mayor, a man who has no smell, and we get to see Oda again. There was a wonderful mix of magic we're familiar with and magic that was new, and some that we knew that failed this time around. It's fun to se Oh, that beautiful moment when you read just the right book at just the right time!

It's fun to see how Matthew taps into the life of the city and how much he appreciates it. Because Magic is life. And while I struggled with Matthew's strange character in the first book, I find that in this one his madness adds an incredibly unique quality to this character. I'm very pleased that I read this book and I enjoyed it much more than the prior one. It's fun, creative, unique, and very funny. There were so many quote-worthy moments that I'm lucky I was reading it on the Kindle that isn't directly connected to Goodreads.

Good fun and I can't wait for more. View all 3 comments. Nov 03, Phrynne rated it it was amazing. Wow, just wow! I loved everything about this book. Matthew Swift has to be one of the best characters ever invented and I still say he must be Harry Dresden's long lost cousin or even his twin brother separated at birth. The descriptions of London are magnificent and actually make me homesick which is amazing since England has not been my home for many years now. The pace of the story is relentless and it is very hard to put the book down at any point.

There is one scene in which Matthew and the Wow, just wow! There is one scene in which Matthew and the blue electric angels use the power from the rail in the Underground to save themselves which is just brilliant. I had to read it twice. This is the second book in the Matthew Swift series and it is every little bit as good as the first.

If you like urban fantasy then you will love this book! Oct 04, Xing rated it really liked it. The plot was more fast paced than the first book, and the dialogue just as fun and intriguing. Though I still stand that the amount of detail i.

See a Problem?

Asides from that, definitely a great read! Jul 15, Kristin rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , reads. Matthew Swift has died and been resurrected once before, and he would very much like to stay alive for good this time, thank you very much. It's too bad someone has other plans.

The Midnight Mayor has been found dead of thousands upon thousands of small slices to the skin, with clothing and even fingernails somehow untouched. With the protective wards of the city down and the Midni Matthew Swift has died and been resurrected once before, and he would very much like to stay alive for good this time, thank you very much.

Domine dirige nos. I fall in love with Kate Griffin's writing a little more with each book I read. I know some aren't overly fond of her writing style, feeling that her descriptions of London are a bit too list-like, or scenes a bit too rambling. I love it. I feel like I could use her books to get myself around London without getting horribly lost. Her use of language is like candy to me, and I eat up every single word.

The characters in this one, as in her other books, are plenty unique. A personal favorite of mine was Boom Boom, a club owner with a whale of a cardiac problem. I also found the Big Bad to be fairly unsettling. The magic, spells, and enchantments used are really clever, and often quite intense from both sides, good and bad. Can't wait to start the next book in the series. Mar 23, N. Jemisin rated it it was amazing.

Almost gave this one four stars, because it started out too much like the first book, and I don't actually like it when subsequent books in a trilogy give me more of the same. It even started off the same way: Matthew awakens, disoriented and afflicted with strange magic, then has to immediately fight off a dire threat spectres this time, instead of the litterbug of the first book.

But soon we're introduced to new marvels and mysteries, like the Aldermen, and soon we get something I hadn't rea Almost gave this one four stars, because it started out too much like the first book, and I don't actually like it when subsequent books in a trilogy give me more of the same. But soon we're introduced to new marvels and mysteries, like the Aldermen, and soon we get something I hadn't realized I'd been craving: some character development for our Matthew.

He earns a lady friend! He almost gets Oda to crack a smile! Even the angels get to try something new, and glorious. And the ending won me over wholly, along with whetting my appetite for book 3 of the series. So, wholeheartedly recommend! Mar 09, William Crosby rated it liked it. But way too much description of London for my tastes. I do not enjoy reading travelogues. If that is your thing, then check this book out. A slightly different view of London.

Rob Ford, former Toronto mayor, dies aged 46

The writer likes lists. Some of her paragraphs are just long lists of what the narrator sees and other various lists. I do not like lists. I found myself skimming. Still, inventive. And a fascinating take on magic. Dec 23, Dan rated it really liked it. Gripe: if you save one innocent life and kill fifty others doing it, that does not count as a moral victory. Also, the author writes too much description. I've learned to skim over all the comma-separated lists of scenery elements.

I understand that the main character draws strength from his environment, but still. She should have just had one item per scene. Sep 19, Jenny rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. These books are like a rich chocolate cake, so, so good! One sliver almost makes you keel over from a sugar high, but you just can't stop.

And why would you? I love, love, love these book!!! This one was just as good, or better than the first. Oh how I loathe waiting for the next! Jan 23, A. Matthew Swift is possessed by the blue angels of the telephone lines and they cannot leave a phone ringing. So when a public phone box rings, he answers it. Then he is accused of killing the Midnight Mayor - the magic mayor of London. Which is odd, because he IS the new mayor. The old one has died in a bizarre death of a thousand paper cuts way. Nice… Who has actually called him down on London is another matter.

He has to be summoned. Same as the first one: I loved the world building but I ground my teeth at the writing style. I just skipped every conversation with the Order member Oda. Swift has to say everything to her at least three times before she seems to understand. If she is opposed to magic then she has to admit that it exists! As a reader I find it so annoying.

Duh… you find a guy with a bandage and you ALL know that is how the job transfers because you were all hoping it went to one of you? What I'm saying is if this blows up into anything at all, expect this thread will suck a bunch of my Friday away. Six figures. I don't believe this poster is very up-to-date with media budgets in Toronto. I do not think less of him for this. Admittedly, I could not think less of him. I look forward to the gif posted by whyareyouatriangle at PM on May 16, [ 1 favorite ]. Let's see, we can believe the highly ethical people at Gawker because they took a long look at Rob Ford posing in a hoodie with a black guy.

That's all we need to know to determine that Rob Ford smokes crack. Because that guy in the photo was black, right? Mind you, I wouldn't find it hard to believe that Rob Ford smokes crack, but this is just sleaze sleaze sleaze. If my personal Wikipedia page had an "Other Controversies" subheading as a catch all and it was the largest section of said page , I'd probably smoke a lot of crack too. Let's see, so far from what I've read, Rob Ford drinks and drives, accepts donations from lobbyists for his football foundation, is an alcoholic, votes at his own disciplinary hearings, gropes women at parties, violates campaign spending laws, reads while driving, calls the police when reporters come near his home, assigns his paid mayoral staff to coach football, smokes dope, makes racist and homophobic remarks in public, passes stopped streetcars, and requests special favors from city officials.

He may also beat his wife, though I've never been fully clear whether that last one is actually true. What makes anyone think "Rob Ford is a crack addict" will make one damn bit of a difference? Rob Ford drinks and harasses people at hockey games. Rob Ford doesn't like cyclists. Rob Ford has a DUI conviction and has been charged with marijuana possession. Rob Ford reads while driving on the highway. Rob Ford thinks "Those Oriental people work like dogs. Rob Ford appealed decision and retained his mayoral candidacy. Rob Ford maybe inappropriately touched a former mayoral candidate while posing for a photo at a political function.

Rob Ford walked into a camera-man. Rob Ford is still a mayor despite being Rob Ford. Facts: Ford does have a long history of substance abuse. Video of him doing coke is also totally believable in the 21st century. Any chopshop wizards want to have a go at that video still? Happy May 24, everybody! Well, also, the guy from Gawker flew to Toronto and then watched a video where Rob Ford was on the video and Rob Ford was smoking something out of a glass pipe that from all accounts was crack cocaine.

So, you know, also that. It's not a toxicology test, but he's going off much more than a photo of Rob Ford with a dead black guy. If the world or GTA that we live in was a different place, where people voted on policy rather than entertainment, then Rob Ford as a political entity would not exist. Regrettably, we exist in a real world or real GTA. From everything I've read about him, Rob Ford is basically every character ever played by Chris Farley, only meaner. My occasional fantasies of moving to Toronto are much diminished by the fact that Torontonians have yet to put Ford out on an ice floe on Lake Ontario and leave him there.

Also, when his brother Doug said "No one helps Black youth more than Rob Ford," this is not what I imagined him referring to. Is it hilarious if it turns out to be true that Rob Ford smokes crack? It is not hilarious that anyone smokes crack. It's not really funny that a volatile, ignorant blowhard like RF is mayor of one of Canada's biggest cities anyway. But I think if this story were true, it would be hard to write about him without adopting a certain schadenfreudelicious tone, because the man has worked so hard against any sort of progress in that city and seems hell bent on destroying its social, environmental, and economic fabric.

It seemed to be the author was expressing glee that RF had been caught doing something bad and maybe be forced to step down? Six figures is a lot. Rob Ford's sister has had a troubled past involving drug addiction, being shot in the face, and having a boyfriend murdered in front of her children. There are rumours floating around that Rob and Doug Ford were high school dealers. The Globe has been researching some story that involved seeking out buddies from 30 years ago for comment. And Rob Ford coaches black kids at football and claims he's keeping them away from crime. Risky behaviour is pretty much his modus operandi.

How this guy has avoided becoming president of the US I just don't know. Souls must be in a down market currently. Ok that's valid. But I guarantee you that if you get Stephen Root to play him, we will find all that stuff funny and almost charming. Ahem: kickstarter. Newspaper editors have a tough choice to make tonight. I hope the Toronto Star resists the urge to run the story tomorrow.

Chances are good nothing comes of it and Ford gets to play the persecuted victim again. This puts a whole other spin on his offer to help a constituent buy OxyContin on the street from a few years ago. I know squat about Toronto politics. If Ford is such a well known quantity then how does he get elected.

I ask seriously because this is just plain weird. We all watched in horror and disbelief as the election returns came in. The basic answer to that question is vote splitting on the Left, but as with most things political, it's more complicated than that. He came to office promising to put a stop to the gravy train, but turns out he just replaced it with crazy train.

I'm still having a hard time believing that he won the election, let alone anything that has happened since then. I moved away from Toronto last year but can't stop myself from obsessively following municipal politics, and man, what I wouldn't give to be in Toronto right now. This is insane. He got elected once, and at the time I think people were saying he was an okay councillor of his ward. He was kind of a out-of-left-field candidate that almost everyone thought was little more than a parody, precisely because of how ludicrous he was.

Gawker has a good overview of the insanity. But the liberal vote ended up getting split as it is wont to do in Canada these days, it seems and Ford smartly played into a lot of suburbia vs. The degree to which he does not give a shit about laws and regulations is really astounding for someone whose job is to govern. Well, maybe not so much, given the calibre of most legislators these days. The fact that he got removed from office for misuse of campaign funds, and is still around , is Oversimplification: the GTA is a donut with a liberal inner city core and a reactionary outer ring, and Rob Ford appealed to the larger outer ring.

He successfully exploited suburban resentment of downtown Toronto. The suburbs feel that downtown "gets all the money" which is not really that true and that downtown gets subways and they only get buses which is true, but population density is a thing and Ford worked that to the bone as he has for his entire career.

He made a bunch of promises that sounded really great if you only pay a little attention to politics about getting the city's spending back on track of the "I will cut eleventy billion dollars from the budget by getting rid of the non-dairy creamer for people's coffee" variety. The problem with the "finding efficiencies" argument is that generally the city works pretty efficiently already.

There are some mid-level management glut issues, of course, but those are a pretty minor portion of the budget. For all his faults, Rob Ford actually is really good at representative service. If you phoned Rob Ford and said "I'm in your ward and I have this problem" he would literally come to your front door and try to help you out with whatever city services were available. One of the major problems with his mayoralty is that he thinks that is still basically his job. The municipal election in Toronto featured, by the end, Rob Ford as the sole active conservative candidate and two sorta-liberal candidates: George Smitherman and Joe Pantalone.

Smitherman, the former provincial Minister for Health, was tarred by the eHealth scandal. Pantalone became the de facto "socialist" candidate despite not really being one and was basically shrill as hell throughout the campaign. Neither was a particularly good candidate and Ford beat them as they split the liberal vote in Toronto although Ford had almost as many votes as the two of them together and polls showed that if one or the other had dropped out he probably still would have won.

So, to sum up: Rob Ford exploited anti-downtown sentiment, made a bunch of obviously false promises to an electorate who didn't know well enough to know he was full of crap, and ran on his reputation as a generally good representative against two opponents who split the vote and were lousy opponents anyway.

Basically, we're talking perfect storm. The other two candidates leftish and centrist did split the vote to some degree. But in addition, Ford did well among: - Many in the inner suburbs Scarborough, Etobicoke, York and North York who felt left out by downtown politicians. In addition, Ford did seem to be one of those councillors who went the extra mile for his constituents. You really could call the guy on his cell and have him act as your own personal intervenor if you had problems with taxes, garbage, building issues, whatever.

By the way, guys, he isn't mayor of the GTA. There is no GTA regional authority, which is one reason why improving transit around here is such a royal pain. Free, glowing wall-to-wall coverage from the Toronto Sun the local tabloid and talk-radio for months. As a close watcher of local ie Toronto politics, I am increasingly convinced that I am witnessing exceptional performance art.

Also, this all broke after a very bad day for him. After loudly championing a casino in downtown Toronto, he held a press conference today to admit that it was basically dead. This was one of his signature initiatives. The author of the article says he watched a few seconds minutes? Yeah, okay.

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Rob Ford smokes crack because Gawker sez so. Look, I don't doubt that he does, but, come on. He had an extremely simple message when campaigning: Respect for Taxpayers. And his track record backed that up. There was also his immigrant-baiting for the benefit of his more affluent white suburban supporters, and his homo-baiting for the benefit of new Canadians from more conservative backgrounds. Yes, simultaneously. Pope Guilty : " I know a single Torontoan. Here is the message. We haven't corrected it's formatting.

Greetings;I am a lawyer,and have been contacted by Mayor Ford's office in reference to your indicating you will post a photo of Mayor Ford smoking crack cocaine. Mayor Ford denies such took place,and if such posting occurs,it is false and defamatory,and you will be held legally accountable. In reference to the photo,you wish to publish, Mayor Ford has his photo taken daily,sometimes with others.

If the person you mention is now deceased,it is sad,regardless of his alleged background. Please govern yourself accordingly. Dennis Morris. That is obviously not Ford's lawyer, but that is the voice of Ford Nation, well known to those of us masochistic enough to still read the comments on Toronto news sites. Also, to clarify, Rob Ford is the mayor of the City of Toronto.

Most of the GTA, which the comments here keep referring to, is outside of Toronto proper and has nothing to do with voting for the mayor. Yes, there's still a downtown-older suburb divide, but it's all within the city limits. Frankly I don't particularly care if he smoked crack. I do care that he's an awful mayor. There are a significant number of Toronto rental landowners who don't live in the city and parachuted in to vote for Ford.

This is a really elaborate way to promote the new Arrested Developoment season. The same people who voted Rob Ford into office voted for Mike Harris, and whose retreads now run Canada. Ford Nation has also metastasized to British Columbia, where Vancouver suburbaninites rocketed Christy Clark back into office, against all odds. Sounds like the Toronto Star got their hands on the video. He won because he ran a good campaign and was always on point. Could any of the other candidates say as much? Smitherman's campaign was a train wreck. Also, Rob Ford is the worst. Holy fucking shit how is he our mayor my god.

I learned early not to trust many of these first-issue stories, especially when it's about politicians. Didn't used to be. The magnets story posted by Bwithh at PM on May 16, That's not true. Mike Harris' most significant legacy in Toronto was amalgamating all the old suburban municipalities into Toronto, which they all hated. Again, Mike Harris's base of support and Harper's is the "" area code that surrounds the amalgamated City. Read the Toronto Star tomorrow See, now that's how the real journalists roll. I don't think he ran a good campaign so much as he spun a story that sounded good as long as you didn't question it at all.

Eh, I quite like the Toronto Star, and whatever else you might think of their politics they're certainly no tabloid rag. I still want an hour alone in a room with the people who ran Smitherman's campaign. I agree, but the bait-and-switch technique is highly irritating and I would say their approach is the dictionary definition of "journalistic muckraking".

Read the Toronto Star tomorrow Man, that's the problem with newspapers. No video. How's Rob Ford supposed to learn to read before tomorrow? You come at the Ford, you best not miss. I don't know why I give a shit. Wait, I know why - the nation of Lester B. Pearson and Lloyd Axeworthy has transmorgified into a fucking Tim Horton's coffee shop, and the politicians even freebase in the toilet stalls.

Canuck Nation, indeed. At least we'll always have Samantha Bee. I think you'll find you've got that backwards. To Toronto's credit, he's only been elected mayor once. To clarify for those not familiar with the Toronto Star: they have flailed about about various Ford scandals but have never really connected.

A fair chunk of the city feels some sympathy for Ford and automatic distrust for the paper. Don't jinx this! It's like lighting the cigarette to make the bus show -- aw crap, we're screwed now. Duffy has only resigned from the Tory caucus. He will remain as an independant senator. On a Canada-wide level, this is also partially the reason why the Conservatives are in power.

And on a city wide level Well, Rob Ford. It's more complicated than that, but yeah. Our literal problem is that we're too liberal.

Pop Culture's Top 5 Fictional Mayors

They've never really hit the home run, no, but it's been a game of inches. Ford's approval rating has trended steadily downwards ever since he took office, mostly because he does dumbshit thing after dumbshit thing and it all takes a toll. The Toronto Star has not been distinguishing itself lately. First, it ran some supposed expose about an MP who was vacationing in the Caribbean while on medical leave for a cancer diagnosis, complete with photo. Except the photo was from her Facebook page and the trip had taken place in Then, they ran a story about a woman who allegedly was renting a condo unit and got screwed by the owner, supposedly demonstrated the perils of renting.

Except that the woman in the story was a rep for a mortgage brokerage trade association. So yes, The Star's lawyers are going to be busy tonight. His own cash, allegedly. Respect for taxpayers! This is a separate thread, but I totally disagree. The NDP ran a terrible campaign. They didn't motivate their base, and CC and the Lib's won an overwhelming majority. Vote-splitting had nothing to do with it, and as a volunteer on two NDP election campaigns, every time I hear an NDPer complain about "vote splitting" or similar bullshit, it makes me want to scream.

The Star already has a teaser up on their site, so apparently they're going all in well, with qualifiers in the hed. Also the Toronto Star has the most unreadable, unusable, and broken mobile site I've ever seen. Smitherman was also the subject of anti-gay advertising that was targeted at immigrant communities, exhorting them that a vote for Ford married to a woman was a moral imperative compared to voting for Smitherman married to a man.

Another explanation for Ford's appeal also lies in the way he politics. Regardless of his opinions or grasp on the issues, he's mastered the tactics of an old-timey, flesh-pressing, common-touch guy. Even as mayor, he's always been quick to revert back to comfortable and familiar local territory his football team, dropping in on houses to respond to constituent complaints, whatever. And his hour accessibility is no political angle. At 10 PM, his phone rang, it was the mayor on the other end. You called? I don't think it's appropriate for the mayor to spend his time responding to every little this-and-that; he's got bigger things to work on.

But at the same time, it's an amazing way to build loyalty among an electorate. So what happens if this turns out to be real, and they actually have the video? Can rob ford be arrested? This actually very bad for Rob Ford, and more than just because "Ha, ha, the Mayor smokes crack. Ford was very vocal about this, including making statements of varying degrees of coherence about harsher penalties for offenders, "deporting" gang members, etc. Now, as it seems, he has been supporting the drug trade all along. I wouldn't assume the Star HAS the tape. Maybe tomorrow's story is "we saw it and passed on it".

Or maybe this guy in upper Etobicoke just got a solid payday. Rumple: OMFG, yes! It's an abomination. Whoever signed off on the mobile site should have IE6 kept on their desktop forever. Plus, a boot stamping on their face forever. Not that I'm vengeful. Oh good. Hadnt heard that. You mean we can procrastinate until Sunday and then shitshitshit we dont have enough for tomorrow go go go The saddest thing is you know some agency was paid a metric ton of money to make it all shiny and javascript-y and typographic and ughhhhhh.

You know what, if this is true I bet Ford gets dragged through the mud and yet ends up as a second term mayor in Toronto with more votes than the first time. From a comment on Torontomike. A friend of mine, her mother is a serious drug addict. Rob Ford regularly goes over to her house to smoke crack. The problem is this: The daughter wants to expose Rob Ford's drug abuse, but her oldschool Italian grandmother won't allow her to "bring shame" upon the family, long story short. So basically the daughter has become complicit with the entire thing instead of doing the right thing.

Shame on you Jasmin. Looks like the Star hasn't bought the video. What the fuck, somebody's gotta give this guy a few bucks for the video. It's like everybody's just getting high from his supply and not chipping in any of their own. I keep screaming "enhance" at my phone but I still can't make out Harper in the background. Stupid cheap phone.

If Rob Ford is a crack-smoking fiend, send him to South Carolina. We'll make that fucker a Representative. Or a Senator. Or Governor. Whatever he wants and all the crack he and that Ravenel boy can smoke. Obligatory Rob Ford gif. Another one. I can't tell if the "You took this? If the former, high on crack or not, it can't be that hard for Rob Ford to remember a time he was getting high with some guy filming him and "A slurred voice off-camera [..

Either way I'd be getting the hell out of town after this article, if I was the guy in possession of it. Also, way to go again , CNN, letting this get back to Ford's office so quickly. Y'know in context, I know what GTA stands for when people have mentioned it upthread, but it's still tough to shake the image of Ford as a character from a Grand Theft Auto game. Just sayin' posted by juv3nal at PM on May 16, [ 4 favorites ]. But I'm in the GTA the latter , and maybe google is serving me area specific results.

What do people nowhere near the GTA get? Then more about Grand Theft Auto. At the very bottom of the first page there's a link to a news story about the Toronto area. In North Carolina from a Google account previously located in Canada it's on page 5. While other media outlets are reporting on the video, its authenticity has not been tested. The English media's infamous skill with phone-hacking would come in very handy in scooping this video out of the smartphone cloud.

If that weren't, you know, a terrible idea. C'mon, Canada, dig deep in those junk drawers and tool boxes and we can do this thing! The Star has Friday's front page up here. The bright side for Ford is, now nobody's going to be talking about him sticking Rob Ford magnets on cars in violation of municipal anti-littering bylaws.

The Star now has their story up here. A cellphone video that appears to show Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine is being shopped around Toronto by a group of Somali men involved in the drug trade. Two Toronto Star reporters have viewed the video three times. It appears to show Ford in a room, sitting in a chair, wearing a white shirt, top buttons open, inhaling from what appears to be a glass crack pipe.

Ford is incoherent, trading jibes with an off-camera speaker who goads the clearly impaired Mayor by raising topics including Liberal l-leader Justin Trudeau and the Don Bosco high school football team Ford coaches. What follows is an account based on what both reporters viewed on the video screen. Attempts to reach the Mayor, members of his staff to get comment on this story were unsuccessful. There's more on the site Oh, shiiiiiiiit The article isn't super coherent from a narrative standpoint, but there is a lot of detail about the video and the informant.

Shit's getting real. I know this isn't the most important issue, but being called a "fag" in this video isn't exactly a bad thing for Justin Trudeau, is it? I just can't fathom that the world really works like this. I mean.. The Duffy thing is patently ridiculous. The massive piles of stupid that go into creating the Duffy situation is just mind boggling. But Rob Ford smoking crack? I'm pretty sure this is how On the Road starts Rob Ford's Toronto: even his Somali drug suppliers want to leave.

Well, sure. They'd be trading way, way up. I don't think this is a big deal. Who among us hasn't occasionally felt the urge to put their lips on a little or big, no judgment here crack and breathe it in? Ohhhhh, crack as in cocaine. Not as in butt. Yeah ok this is big. The Globe appears to have ed the link I provided earlier. This is going to be one hell of a weird weekend -- and pretty awful for Ford's family.

If this doesn't force Rob Ford out of office, what the hell will? Possession of crack is a criminal offence, to say nothing of his racist and homophobic comments in the video. It was confirmed by two Star reporters, and I suspect at this point it's only a matter of time until the video makes it onto YouTube.

It's well past time for Rob Ford to go rehab and get out of elected office that he is manifestly unfit to hold. Man, news is going to be awesome if Google Glass takes off and stuff like Bitcoin and Strongbox really get on the layman's radar. Yeesh, Alberta isn't exactly kind to Somali drug traffickers who come from out east. This whole thing is like a drain clog of bad choices.

Alvy: What do you mean exactly? Let's watch as the world learns that "Etobicoke" is a real place that the Mayor is from. Protip: I know the jokes right themselves, but the "K" is silent. Down for everybody or just maudlin? Kabanos: Those GIFs are in no way obligatory. Frankly they are mean. Ford is an incompetent leader, a destructive mayor and a bully. There are many legitimate criticisms of his tenure, but many people also rally by his side precisely because he too is bullied. Even my beloved 'The Star' can too giddily shit on his from time to time.

Maybe I am just uptight but I really hate these jokes at the expense of his personal life and of our city. Both are just so sad to think about. I hope we get a new mayor and I hope that Rob finds some peace. This just gets weirder and weirder. For those of you new to the glory of Rob Ford — begin your journey here and then here. Ford is very very well practiced at playing the victim of never-ending smear campaigns. Whether this is legitimate or not, make no mistake, it will fit very nicely into that narrative.

I checked a few minutes ago and found that it was up again with more detail I quoted all there was last time. So I guess they didn't pull it because they got cold feet, but because they were editing it. And I know I didn't screw up the link: "rob ford" searches in their search engine failed to find it when it was ing, but the search pulls it up now.

The second one, maybe. The first one though? It's a staged photo op of him trying to act like an awesome football dude and failing miserably. That is pure, delicious comedy smothered in schadenfreude sauce. Best bullshit detector in the business. I would pay actual money to get him back on that beat. All sorts of sporty and non-sporty people can fuck up physically. Those GIFs are mean and totally unnecessary. And Barber can write, too. What a weird comment. It seems I was wrong. Laughing at the guy screwing up a self-promo in a Chris Farley-esque slapstick gif is comparatively harmless.

We've received an email from Dennis Morris, a gentleman with a hotmail. There is, in fact, a lawyer called Dennis Morris in Toronto. Seems to be a sole practioner. Having said that, beginning your correspondence with 'I am a lawyer' makes it sound like the next line is going to be 'Really. I swear. I am a lawyer. I have a certificate and everything'. So, Toronto elected a Rush Limbaugh impersonator as their mayor and mayhem ensued.

Never saw that one coming. It seems unlikely the tape will ever see the light of day. Nobody will be willing to pay as much as the mayor. Or just get the hell out now. He's dead man walking. Maybe you're being sarcastic but in case you're not, who is the videographer facing impending death from? Ford's office? Police officers on Ford's payroll? Drug dealers? Honest question, I'm not sure what the threat vector truly is. Torontoist, by and via mightygodking. One place this will never end up is a courtroom.

Bitch set him up. I can only hope you are referring to Chris Rock's excellent commentary on an another mayor and his cracktacular ways. On a related note, is CNN staffed entirely by adorable six-year olds in fedoras with "Press" cards tucked in the ribbons, like Bugsy Malone or something? I can't believe they're allowed to continue operating. The cops are going to turn Dixon Road upside down shaking down Somalis and you won't see shit.

Drug lords. If the old stories about dealing in school are true, and if the Toronto government as corrupt as I think it is it is. The video is a threat to them personally. If the videographer doesn't skedaddle, the cartel will take it from him, and the punishment for compromising the cartel is fatal. Looks like the spreadsheet is already updated. I just read a claim that the lawyer is Ford's.

It was so poorly written that I thought it came from the drug lords. Also saw a photo of Ford with alleged cartel bosses. I think the google doc mentioned it, too. Canada is ruled by drug, corporate, and political cartels. Often one and the same. It is really unclear to me why Ford even wants to continue to be mayor at this point. My best guess is that his sins are so many and varied that having a pulpit to cry persecution from keeps him insulated from consequences much more effectively than he would be as a private citizen.

Take, for example, the Mike Duffy scandal. There's an FPP amount of information about the shady things he's been up to. With the support of the PMO and Party. It's simply vulgar. This story is amazing. Stop being so damn frugal and buy this shit already. All my Facebook friends are predicting Ford will walk away from this. Somehow I doubt it. Ford exists in his own bubble. Where you solve everyone's problem by calling them back personally, and you don't need social programs because you should volunteer your time coaching football , and everyone drives so light rail gets in their way, and everyone has their own business and doesn't need to spend tax dollars, and you can build billions of dollars' worth of subways without any actual money.

And most importantly, he's always right and everyone who disagrees with him is a leftie muckraker, and there's an ongoing smear campaign by his "enemies". None of these are exagerations. If you thought all these things, you could easily convince yourself that staying in office was the logical thing to do. This Toronto Star story has lots of interesting details about the dance between the alleged? Somali crack dealers and Star reporters, starting in March. The paper didn't pay their price and Gawker got the scoop, but the Star's story has lots of valuable context, especially for non-Torontonian readers who don't know Ford's recent history.

Oh, if only it were Boris. Or if only the mayoral drug of choice, worldwide, was primo quality mikes and you're melting LSD. I mean, I am fascinated and dismayed and delighted and repulsed by the narrative, but it could be so much better Wow, imagine the panicked efforts Ford must be making right now to stop the video from coming out. Even if he buys a recording, however, how can he be sure a copy isn't stored somewhere? The front page of the Toronto Sun. Charlie Sheen and Rob Ford are proving to me I'm just not having enough fun.

I'm waiting for the fat suit to unzip and Andy Kaufman to step out. I woke up and checked again, and it really happened! And it's the most glorious Spring morning here in Toronto! He had thick scabs on his arm. Damn, Toronto Star. Way to clearly identify your source who's already told you he wants to get out of town. The story, published March 26 of this year, described a concern by unnamed associates and staffers at city hall that Ford had a substance abuse problem. Garrison Ball attendees interviewed by the Star did not say they smelled alcohol.

Extra bonus hilarity in the responses to the " Read the Toronto Star tomorrow " tweet: This is Twitter there is no tomorrow, jackass.

Game 7 sent him over the edge. If only he had some kind of sleeve-like device to disguise himself. So, umm, I hate Rob Ford with the white heat of a thousand suns and everything, but this isn't a good news story. There's been indications for some time that he has a real problem.

Mayor de Blasio’s Gotten All Blurry on Vision Zero – Streetsblog New York City

He needs to get help. He's a buffoon for any number of reasons, and I don't think he's fit to lead and I have thought so for a long time before today , but calling someone's very real addiction problem a gift is disgusting. I live in Toronto, and I woke up to this news. My first thought is that the Toronto Star has gone all-in with this story.

If it turns out that the video doesn't have Ford in it, he'll sue them for every penny they have, and their credibility will be damaged irreparably. Accusing a sitting mayor of smoking crack is serious stuff. Also, his second career as a high school football coach is effectively over. He'll be more likely to keep his mayoralty than to keep that job. It'll be interesting to see whether Ford goes on the offensive. The Toronto Sun, Ford's leading cheerleader, has just posted a headline reading "Ford denies crack video: lawyer".

I wonder what their lead would have been had it been Justin Trudeau in an alleged crack smoking video? A really devious political operative would be scouring North America for a Ford lookalike that could be bribed into saying that it was him, not Ford, in the video. And I agree with dry white toast: Ford clearly needs help. A morbidly obese man in his 40s smoking crack cocaine is someone with desperate health problems.

And apparently Toronto just felt an earthquake. The Ford is angry. I'm sorry, but the dynamic is changed when it involves a public political figure. You may not like that, but it remains true. What to do? Kouvalis, Batra and Macdonald favoured leaking the recording to a journalist selected according to the likelihood of a sympathetic hearing—a way of putting the campaign ahead of the story. You're saying it's okay to make fun of someone with a substance abuse problem?

Ok then. For the record, substance "use" and substance "abuse" are two very different things to a lot of people. Neither has to make you instantly more sympathetic, but there is and should be a big difference. That said, crack is whack. Rob Ford could and should have made a choice a long time ago to get help. He doesn't simply need to be helped; he needs to help himself, and his repeated refusal to do so is a choice just like any other choice - he's responsible for it.

Your point is well-taken, dry white toast. However on the other hand, Ford has consistently been on record as saying he's opposed to safe injection sites. If Ford had a somewhat-consistent history of supporting decriminalization, supporting safe injection sites or even being hesitant and unsure on them , or supporting any other policies that would help addicts, then I wouldn't be so so overjoyed about this.

Not just "if he was leftie like me", but simply on the drug question if he worked to reduce harm. Then sure, I can agree that we should offer him support. Sorry, I'm in a bad mood today. The Toronto Star is so far from all in. They limped in with the story weeks after they had the information and only because they could report it as 'other sources are saying this, and yes, we also saw the video that appeared to show this but we can't confirm that'. At this point, they've called the blinds, but they're pretty much just staying in the game.

I'd actually be fascinated to know what kind of ongoing discussions the Star has been having with their legal counsel about how or whether they should publish on this. He doesn't simply need to be helped; he needs to help himself, and his repeated refusal to do is a choice just like any other choice - he's responsible for it. I don't disagree. I hope he finally owns up to it and gets help.

I'm just saying calling it Christmas is in really bad taste. Rob Ford has abused a lot more than drugs. Rob Ford needs to get help, and his problems are not in and of themselves cause for joy. But for many, Rob Ford has been actively doing damage to the city, to its reputation, and to its future. Anything that finally gets him out of office and lets the city and council just do its job would be a good thing in that sense.

I mean, the guy single-handedly set back transit in Toronto by probably 5 years through cancelling real plans and replacing them with promises of SubwaysSubwaySubways financed by wishful thinking. Cities everywhere are adding bike lanes, whereas Rob Ford and his cronies spent money to rip one out. Looks like Ford's strategy is going to be deny, blame the Star and hope the video never comes out. And why not? It's worked so far. All these points are just a few of the many reasons I detest the man.

He's an ignorant, hypocritical, self-absorbed, enemy-baiting, deluded buffoon. Hell there are times when I feel like he says things just to troll me. I hope he resigns today. I would have celebrated his resignation over his conflict of interest case, over taking inappropriate donations from lobbyists for his football foundation, over caring more about coaching football then he does for his actual job, for being a homophone and a racist, for pressuring city Works staff to fix a pothole outside his family business before a big event, for telling someone else he would try to buy OxyContin on the street for him.

Hell, even if the video is true and he called Justin Trudeau a 'fag'. The man is a disgrace to this city and municipal politics. There are any number of reasons he shooted be booted from office, and I will be glad when he's gone. But I will not revel in someone's obvious illness which is what addiction is, not just for the people you like, but for the people you detest as well.

Again, this has been apparent for some time if you follow his actions. Only poor people can be called crackheads. Mayor Ford will be known as a processed cocaine enthusiast. I mean when Rob Ford was busted for DUI, with marijuana possession on top , and had the charges dropped through some un-reported lawyering, his response was "I think the laws are absolutely right," he said.

I've never said that and I wouldn't want to see that happen. That's what Rob Ford supports. Toronto has really made some out-there choices for mayor in recent memory, but outdoing Mel Lastman is really an accomplishment. If this is true then we can celebrate until he is safely removed from office. After that we can feel sorry for him and hope he gets the help he needs. Get your head in the game, English. My favourite Mel Lastman quote is "Rob Ford makes me look like a genius. Why is there no English word for "one who is hubristic"? In case you were wondering what it would be like if a news station from Saint's Row covered the story.

No seriously watch this video. It's amazing. I'm not exactly gleeful that Rob Ford probably has a drug addiction. That sucks for him personally. But his hypocrisy has made having a drug addiction suck a lot worse for a lot of other people. In an ideal world, Rob Ford would not have a drug addiction, and he would have taken a sane, compassionate approach to issues like safe injection sites, and thus he would have been not only not a hypocrite but a kind person, at least on that one issue. In a less ideal world, Rob Ford could avoid being a hypocrite by either not having a drug problem or not being an asshole about drug related policies.

Given my druthers, I'd take 'Rob Ford has a drug problem and is thus compassionate toward other drug users' over 'Rob Ford is totally straight edge and has no sympathy for people who aren't. Instead, though, we have the world in which Rob Ford probably does have a drug problem and is either completely unable to empathize with others in that same situation or has chose to pursue damaging political actions in order to deflect any suspicion that he himself might suffer from the problems he demonizes.

Just another Toronto Star. He mumbled something else, then climbed into his Cadillac SUV. These are not one and the same and this could prove an important distinction depending on how Ford responds to these allegations. Also, given this asshole's track record and the way people in Toronto feel about him, I think a little bit of schadenfreude is inevitable. Maybe not the classiest response, but I'll admit to it myself. The mayor of Canada's largest city going to a 3rd party location to smoke crack is pretty fucking ridiculous.

So, Toronto's mayor is basically Super Hans , as far as I can tell. The Toronto Star's live blog of this story.

I assume that he is hoping that nobody buys the video or that it disappears completely. Poorly named in some parts, but chill. I wonder what time he's going to weigh himself today, on that oversized novelty scale. Cut the Waist! Holy crap. From the Star's live blog: Via jtes , Rob Ford rejected "harm reduction" for drug users in Then-National Post man jamescowan reported: "You're not helping them, you're enabling them," Mr. Ford said. They're going to shoot that heroin whether you give them clean needles or not. If people want a change, it has to come from within.

Yeah, I saw that and whatever ounce of empathy or sympathy I may have had left just flew out the fucking window. Related: if you're a public figure and the most sympathetic thing I can find about you online is that you appear to smoke crack, perhaps it's time to examine your life choices. This is quite the timeline. There's a parallel between this and when strongly homophobic politicians are outed as being gay themselves.

Can I just be the first to say that, this is a guy who is rich and powerful. Why is he smoking crack in an uncontrolled environment with Somali drug dealers brandishing iPhones? There would be no shortage of professional drug dealers who could discreetly deliver high-quality cocaine to him in a hotel suite or a party apartment that he could deniably rent somewhere. Or hell, in a limo, I don't know. This is amateur hour shit. And also, crack?

Come on. Crack is wack. Never saw the appeal. From my Again, he can have any drug he wants. Why crack? Amateur hour. Oh shit, Rob Ford is gay as well? Also, "Amateur Hour" is Rob Ford's middle name. There would be no shortage of professional drug dealers who could discreetly deliver high-quality cocaine to him in a hotel suite or a party apartment that he could deniably rent somewhere Pretty sure the article explains the drug dealers he buys from are the professional-type guys that service "A-list Torontonians".