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I have had this happening to me for over the past month. Not too sure what could it be, mostly an internal clock or maybe a warning? The latter always seems to call my attention mostly.

Barry Moser

I have experienced the same type of phenomenom of checking the clock at the same time every day. It has happened to me almost daily for much of my adult life and it use to bother me for various reasons, which I am sure you can imagine. Needless to say she is Mom so I believe her, The occurances mostly stoped, and when I do happen to catch the clock I chuckle and announce nap time. This has also happened to me for other things as well, like lunch time. Once your mind thinks about something you start to pay more attention to it you start to see it everywhere.

Now, Peach. I wonder if that is coincidence, or whether we share a correspondent the fellow who sent me the link. I first learned about the Love Canal incident viewing a TV show in the History Channel going on its first test broadcast in our cable subscription. These kind of occurence kept on bugging me but I dont know if there are any basis or even a name to this phenomenon.

Astounding or what? Next day I saw reference to a movie to be released next month about them. And that started even more noticing going on. It is all about how we come to notice things. Sometimes pattern recognition is merely apophenia…. I was just reading this article and a mate I had been thinking about and meaning to call all week — especially this morning called me just as I finished reading the last paragraph! I have had the same experience. I happened to see the time at about exactally PM, quite regularly.

Besides I have one more feeling, some times it feels as if I have gone through the same sequence of events before. Though it is very difficult to remember when. But on the time you know what happened next last time you had same sequence or you imagine you had and it follows precisely. I wonder if someone else shares this phenomenon. As each page seems to take a good couple of minutes to load on my ancient work computer, i tend to click previous article, then go do something else while it loads.

While trying to remember what Baader-Meinhof was, i clicked back on to DI, to find that this article had loaded up. I blame little green men. I have always attributed this occurrence to the human brain as well, but I figured that the reason Baader-Meinhof happens to all of us is because we tend to filter out and ignore topics and vocabulary we are unfamiliar with. Then once we become familiar with a new word or topic we then tune in when someone brings it up.

Anyone agree?? Then guess what happens? She gets pregnant!!! I hear a story on the radio the other day about these famous lesbians getting together in the UK.. I had a good example that happened today involving two girls who look alike but when i tried to express it in detail it became much too complex so i will summarize.

A good and somewhat germane story happened to me during middle school when the song How You Remind Me by Nickelback became popular, seriously, for a week i woke up every day to that song on my clock radio. After the first two weeks i decided to tally up my results over the next week. I continued to hear that song at about twice a day even after i stopped listening to my own radio.

Straight Dope dismisses the notion on the same grounds as discussed above: selective attention and pattern recognition. Wanna know something odd? This is really damn interesting! One particular case i found very interesting in showing the phenomenon is this:. As ShellyMilwaukee said, we tend to forget things unfamiliar to us. Never before had you heard it twice the same day, that resulting in you forgetting about it until the next time you would hear the word, so by the day you heard it twice, you thought that was the first two times you had heard the word!

Damn interesting. Other themes include methods of interpretation of history, cultural familiarity with brand names, and tensions between art and commercialization. The September 11, attacks are used as a motif representing the transition to the new century. We got to be careful. Things we see with the corner of the eye, just subconsciously, like the on the clock, and THAT makes us really look at the clock and consciously see the numbers… i think that by that time we have ALREADY seen the numbers unconsciously. I decided to go look at the computer and entered a random link — it was the video for Thriller.

It really caught my attention. Later that night I watched a tv-show where choirs are singing songs — one of them sang Thriller. The day after that I looked up another video, which I had never noticed — the intro of the video was a parody of the Thriller video. For over a month the whole Thriller-thing stalked me! When I talked to my mom about it, I realized that Thriller was a pretty big cultural thing since I am very young but it still bothered me a lot… and many many many more things like this has happened to me..

On a lighter note, my kids ages 12 and 15 are amazed at how many silver Taurus sedans are on the road — and they never saw even one — until I started driving one. This phenomenon started happening to me a few months ago, very frequently every day, sometimes a few times a day. There were well over Then it suddenly stopped after two or three months and now after several months it has started again in the past few days.

In a couple of cases, there have been 3 synchronistic events with the same term. These types of incidence happen alot in my life and yes I was diagnosed as schizophrenic but surely that means your neural processing is slighty wrong and the connections are then more easily recognised. I certainly do not dwell on finding the meaning of these occurances and just accept that they happen, finding a name for it is the best thing ever, particularly as my friend recommended that I should see this film, hence why I stumbled across this site.

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Happy reading. I share mine with you — I was watching the baader meinhof complex — a film about the terrorist group. I like it. It happens all the time but this been my favorite!. Ohh spooky. Appeared as an answer on University Challenge a panel quiz pitting 4 students of University A against 4 from University B, UK this evening — I finally got a question right. I just came across this thread today. I defintely do not have the time to all read comments however thought to share my part.

I get this badder-meinhoff phenomenon every single day. Averaging about three times a day however can be three times in one hour. This phenomenon has affected my life so much that i began to keep a diary of it happening- not that this would help anything in anyway- but it is so strong in my life that i felt the need to document it. I definately agree with the scientific explanation however one can not help but wonder if there is something more too it when it is this common. And my experience with it isnt just basic coincidences- there are times that are so unbelievable that i literally laugh out loud in astonishment, as if someone was playing a joke on me.

I find this phenomena extremely interesting and if anyone has anything intelligent to say about it, i would enjoy hearing from you. There is also the compression of information at the limit of expansion in a holographic universe. This is so weird, I just saw this page on Facebook from a friends post and decided to read about this.

I JUST learned about that word in my college reading class last week. Verry interesting. My story is that there is a 3 digit number I see frequently. This 3 digit number started with a preset bike chain lock combo. I knew it so well that I used it for another customizable lock. The chain lock was for my first bike as a teen. This same number was the time it took for me to run my first mile around a baseball field a fee times, at a military academy.

My first name is 7 digits long, but my full name is 22 digits long, so there might be some way of justifying the number around that right Alan? There is a car cleaning chemical that I use that just so happens to be called Chemical The 3 digit combo was Oh right, first birthday on the east coast was at 7 years old, in my first home. One of the 4 laws of creation. I look at the clock every So i figured this may be my lucky number Its gets very interesting to knw that everytime i use this number for eg.

Am serious. Like new songs in iTunes shuffle. It is sorta like the matrix version, but as if the matrix was in you brain.. Specially after turning my head to the clock at every day Or seeing the name Scott everywhere!!! It will be playing in my brain unendingly. I catch up on my newspaper and magazine reading while I watch TV. The owner said Paul Williams designed his house. At first, Kramer thought they meant Paul Williams the songwriter. Remember, this happened 17 years ago. I was watching the Grammy Awards last night.

Cross my heart, really truly this happened, about fifteen minutes after I read about him in the article, Paul Williams walks up on stage to collect the Grammy with Daft Punk for Album of the Year! I had a stack of old newspapers and magazines to read, and I just happened to have picked up that particular section to read at that particular time. Are the angels speaking to me or am I looney?!

Is this common? This happens to me all the time. Has a much better ring than Baader-Meinhof, to me anyway. Coincidentally I was recently reading about the Red Army Faction but had no idea until now that they were also known as Baader-Meinhof.

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In our group of friends, we call it the Norm Crosby Effect, because of how I first noticed it. I was driving home in that near-fugue state when your brain just does whatever, and for some reason Norm Crosby popped into my head. No reason, no reference, just there in the ebb and flow of thought. This has been happening to me for years. I see the number 11, , all the time, not every day.

I was so amazed as to why this happens to me, if I am the only one to see this so I googled it and found out that there are more people with the same phenomenon. There is also a site dedicated to it, I am not a cult joiner but it was good to know I was not alone. I have also noticed that when the TV plays in the background and I write something in the computer the same word I write I hear on the TV almost simultaneously.

I close my eyes I acknowledge the moment and give thanks. There is no mention of this syndrome in any published scientific, medical, or psychological literature. Therefore my conclusion is that only the author, Mr. Bellows, knows the phenomenon by that name. All other internet references are to this article, so good job in coining the phrase. I cannot take coining credit, but sadly I no longer have the links to the older references. The oldest I found at the time of writing the article was a discussion thread on the St.

Paul Pioneer Press from the mid s where participants were discussing the sensation, and decrying the lack of a term for it. So I argue that both names are valid given the history. It is also known as Reticular activation. Like when you buy a new 7 series BMW four door sedan and everyone else has one too!

I googled Baader-Meinhof phenomenon and was directed to this great article. While reading it, like many other readers, I began to think about an instance of Baader-Meinhof that I had experienced. About an hour later I bumped into an old friend and during our conversation I mentioned I had a tooth-ache.

Fast-forward to 10 minutes ago and just as I was going to leave this website, I scanned through some of the comments. It is weird, but it seems I look at the clock at exactly all the time…….. In grade school, 5th grade if I remember correctly, the teacher had us all stand at our seats. I lived in San Francisco while I was a kid. While in the vicinity of the Wharf, there is a famous clock about the size of a lamp-post, maybe stop sign is closer.

Its somewhat Victorian looking. I stood there while we waited for whatever reason, and I watched the second hand tick. That one second tick pattern it had sticks with me to this day. So, after I counted to 60, with the rhythm of that clock in my head keeping tempo, I finally sat down. My teacher said I was the only one even close, and hit it dead on perfect. Ever since that time I have noticed an uncanny ability to tell time. I can often feel when its too. As far as I know, nothing special ever happened at , nothing I can remember.

Maybe that was the actual time my Mother work me up for school? I dont know. As for the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon, I see it at least once a week. Sometimes with practical effects. Let me explain that.. I do servicing work on copiers, printers, computers, etc.. I have roughly machines in my territory to service, some of them i have yet to even see. The servicing is usually random. Fix a paper jam here, clean up a toner spill there, why cant I print over here, you get the idea.

But several times a year, I get the same thing, over and over in one week, or sometimes all in a single day. Not something simple like a paper jam, that happens all the time, but something rare like a fuser failure. Once it starts, I can tell. I have begun to preemptively stock up on particular parts in anticipation of this. It usually pays off.

But that could be, and probably is just random hit and miss. I get this about every second day, but of all of the times, I think the winning experience was learning the Greek word for belly button Omphalos and hearing it twice again in the same week.

hear | meaning of hear in Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English | LDOCE

A side note… Did Mr. A character learns about the Baader-Meinhoff phenomenon and then hears someone else talking about it a few seconds later. Very clever writing. A to Z is my new favorite such show. I like the balance of the skeptic. With data gathering of our clicks, purchases, location, etc. It is useful to be self aware that our mind connects these as patterns since we did not create them but they are being orchestrated. Self awareness allows us to consider the source of the patterns inside ourselves, like seeing on the clock more often, as well as externally generated patterns.

Is destiny the simplest explanation for finding love? However I still see life as an amazing adventure either way. All it takes to have love is to give love and expand your capacity to receive. So we can make our own luck there. I was most proud about the time my power went out for.. I suppose say two hours and 34 minutes, so I manually set my old timey electric non smart clock forward by that amount until my computer loaded up and connected to the internet — of course when it connected I saw that my estimate was spot on to the minute. Strange, I thought about this when I found all my socks that had disappeared in the washing machine.

My uncle moved out of state and I lost touch with his kids. Our address was and theirs was on the next street over and our back yards were adjacent to each other with only a fence separating our backyards! Would this be considered Baader-Meinhof since I had recently tried to find them? Or is it just a coincidence? Apparently, they tried to rob an armor car in germany a week or so ago failed miserably! They just identified DNA on three gang members from the getaway car. Then, Today, I chance upon this article. LOL…but, I guess it is!! There is a mention in Indian scripture almost years back. There was a tal tree, and one crow came, and immediately the fruit fell down.

And there were two arguers: one said that the crow sat down on the fruit and it was so light it fell down, and the other said no, the crow was trying to sit down on the fruit but in the meantime the fruit fell and he could not sit. It is like that. It may be coincidence, the crow was just trying to sit on the fruit and the fruit fell. Another says no, the fruit has fallen down; therefore the crow could not sit.

So this kind of argument has no value. I heard the same word four different times yesterday in fairly rapid succession. It is not a word I would either use or hear in daily conversation as it was a particular Rare Metal. I do not subscribe to the concept of coincidence, we live in a world where information is constantly being handed to us by Divine Grace. To chalk it up to Pattern Recognition and Coincidence is to ignore the vital magic of our existence.

I value the gifts sent to me from the Divine for they are absolute forms of transmitted communication. Love this topic. I have experienced this my whole life. It happens almost weekly to me. I will experience something, and that same thing will happen one or two more times within the day or week. Often time the occurrences are about things so random that you have to just laugh and realize that there is a lot more going on in this world and universe we live in, that we are just unaware of.

One interesting aspect about this, is that when you start to actually acknowledge each time this happens to you, the phenomenon will start to occur more often in your life. When you realize that synchronicities are happening in your life, you can the start consciously using this in your favor. When you start focusing on things that you desire to happen in your life, you will start to see these things appearing in your life!

Try something that seems attainable, but just out of reach for you. I just recently experienced this! Yesterday I found a new band called Slowdive. I listened to one of their old albums and I loved it. I woke up this morning to see on a website that theyre planning on releasing their first new album in 22 years. I thought I was losing my mind after more than 45 years of this phenomenon occurring. One example it happened 12 times in a row in about 5 minutes.

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Life and consciousness are much stranger then we could possibly know. But after explaining it to him he ridiculed me. So I put my mind to work figuring out what is going on and to have the knowledge and understanding come into my mind like any other problem to solve. I probably have hundreds of things that I predicted that came true over the last 45 years in detail. I hope I hear more from you anyone that wants to discuss more about this phenomenon.

Now my question. Like the weird out of the blue… but twice out of the blue, more so than the all of a sudden this new thing is everywhere. Is this the same thing as the reticular activation system, or is it different in some way? Either way, it is an incredibly powerful phenomenon. It can be incredibly damaging, or incredibly powerful. You are 5 years old. You think the 7 year old that lives across the street is the coolest kid in the world. You know he has a birthday coming up, and you hope, more than anything else in the world, that he invites you.

Well, you never get the invitation. On the day of the party, you stand in your front yard looking forlornly at the house and the party going on. So you are now hyper-vigilant about rejection. You notice every little thing that can be interpreted as rejection, and each time you notice it it just reconfirms your belief and basically hard-wires it into your being.

On the flip side, anything resembling acceptance and love from people you admire gets brushed aside because of cognitive dissonance. That one little rejection completely alters your life, forever. Hopefully you do the work and uncover this damaging belief ASAP. Of course, this can work in the opposite direction. If the cool kid actually invited you and you got along with all of his friends, you might develop the belief that you are cool too! You would start to notice things that confirm this belief.

Congratulations on reading the above article and learning about the phenomenon. If you relate to the story I told above, I encourage you to get help from a spiritual teacher, a therapist, or a really good coach. Amazing transformation awaits you ;. Wow…very well said and now I understand why it is happening to me more frequently. That was a novel car to me. Old black Chevy Novas had always been crossing my path. Where it that? Across from the Dairy Queen. So, you go pick-up the suit. I never heard that word before. Now, however, you begin noticing signs for them everywhere—frosted onto glass doors in strip-malls or written on a door in a medical clinic.

Baader-Meinhof is a wholly psychological illusory phenomenon. I see repeating numbers like , , etc. I see it everywhere every time every moment be it a vehicle number or the time.

Here vs. Hear: What’s the Difference?

It started a year ago and lasted for few months. Then it stopped suddenly. It again started four months ago and i am not able to stop this. I am trying not to think about that and ignore the same but still its not working. How to stop this permanently? I forgot the name of the phenomena but knew it started with a B, and every few months when I would recollect this page I would try finding it. After months and months, here I am! My experiences are strange. Something will pop into my head and, usually, hours later it will manifest itself in some way or another.

It could be a name of a famous but seldom spoken about person, a line from a book, even a phrase from a movie. I knew I had heard this from somewhere, a movie most likely, but could not think of which movie it came from. Moving on I decided a few hours later to watch some tv. I randomly went through the channels until I saw the end part of a movie I had seen before and watched it end and the rolling of the credits. I nearly jumped off the couch. I did not know this movie was coming on, did not channel search, and certainly did not know what the programming was going to be nor could I remember where I had heard that line from when I had thought it hours earlier.

WTF is that!? This has happened many times in my life. I once had a random thought about Bismarck the famous leader of Germany in the 19th century. Several times that day his name went through my head. Later that day I had a doctors appointment. I went to the doctors office, found a place to sit randomly and right next to me was a magazine with his picture and name on the cover.

The only thing I can think is that these incidents are some sort of a message telling me that I am where I am supposed to be at that moment, if that makes any sense at all. For years I have been seeing the word buffalo at least once per day. I turn on the radio in my car and Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley is playing. I watch an episode of the Twilight Zone and a plane is missing. Where did the flight originate? Buffalo NY. I turn on the TV and the sports are on, and they are talking about the Buffalo Bills football team. I open a magazine and the first ad is to purchase buffalo nickels.

I open my laptop and the new scene is buffalo roaming the hills. Every day, sometimes twice per day, I see or hear a reference to buffalo. I am on a Southwest Airlines flight and pick up their in flight magazine and what city is highlighted? It is so weird.

Absent Letters That Are Heard Anyway

I often wondered if other people had a similar experience with their own word or thing. I have flown there twice is my life to see Niagara Falls, but that was a long time ago.

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Is something calling me to Buffalo? Like, I had never knew or heard the term Braintree before using the payment processor Braintree. At first I assumed it was just a made up name for a company. Then I dicded to look into it and it was a town in Massachusetts. Very cool….. Alan Bellows.

So I see, said the blind man, leaning up against the lamppost talking to the deaf mute…. Long e makes itself known in words like me , honey , chief , and the classic " i before e except after c " example receive. In addition, we have spaced-out e sound pictures like petite where the e is technically present, but just there to make the i carry its water. The long e can also be heard in words not including the letter, as in marry , funny and variation. On the other hand, short e is evident in the homophones red and past-tense read and in ie words like friend ; it is unseen but heard in words like said.

We're all familiar with the sound of f as represented in the homophones fat and phat —if you're unfamiliar with phat , then there's the ph in the ubiquitous phone as an example. Gh is also pronounced as f , as in laugh and rough. Most words that contain gh derive from Middle English, in which the digraph was pronounced much like how ch is pronounced in the German words Ich or Nicht ; that is, somewhere between hard g and k.

A change in the way speakers pronounced the vowel sounds in many words a phenomenon known in linguistics as the Great Vowel Shift affected how the gh was pronounced when it followed vowels. Words that ended in gh , then, saw a change that led to those letters impersonating an f. Examples of the soft letter g —which usually comes before e , i , or y —are gel and giant. It is aspirated in words like nature , nomenclature , and legislature. J and g share a pronunciation. For example, words like gem , gist , gym , barge , and budge contain a sound similar to the initial ones heard in jet and judge.

The rule is when g is followed by an i , e or y , it makes the j sound. The sound of k is audible in c words care , academic and ch words chrome , archive , ache , scheme , monarchy. K is also heard in foreign borrowings, such as the French marquis and Latin machination , which can be pronounced in English with the ch representing the k sound or a sh sound the latter being influenced by French-derived machine.

L likes the limelight. It's often spotted with another l bill or with a vowel sample , label , pupil , sabal. Like b , it is unseen but audible in w. Speaking of which, we're getting closer. M prefers to be with the silent types—a behavior we applaud—like b in numb and n in autumn. It also remembers to pay a visit to grandpa , which is sometimes pronounced in colloquial and dialectal English as "grampa. It also makes its presence known in okay, stomps all over comptroller.

That word is an alteration of Middle English countreroller , meaning " controller ," and its spelling was influenced by French compte , meaning "an account" as in a bank account. Long o as in host is social. It frequently pairs with a , e , u , w , -ugh and other o s: oar , note , soul , low , though , and floor are some get-togethers. Short o is obvious in words like hot ; sometimes, however, it dresses up as a and walks around in words like father , fraud , law , talk , and daughter. In addition, there are a few French borrowings with the long o sound without the letter o , such as beau , bureau , nouveau , and haute.

P puts a stop to hiccup —unless you use the variant hiccough. Both spellings are equally valid; however, hiccup , which goes back to the late 16th century, has been in use longer than hiccough. Like many words in English, hiccup is onomatopoeic , having been created through imitation of the sound we make when we hiccup. By the early 17th century, hiccough makes its appearance. According to one source, "The spelling 'hiccough,' popular with the Victorians, is an example of folk etymology circulated by misguided philologists who thought the word derived from 'cough.

The letter q is pronounced the same as the word cue which itself is also a name for the letter.

English is maddening, and (again) it's not sorry.

The letter and the word have a history. In Middle English, the word cu referred to half a farthing, and that term ultimately traces to the letter q as an abbreviation for Latin quandrans , denoting the quarter value of a coin. Additionally, cue , referring to a signal, is believed to be from the abbreviation qu for the Latin word quando , meaning "when" and used as a direction in an actor's copy of a play. Q has a voice role in cu words like cube , cumulate , cuneiform , and cute. R works openly with w , h , and e in words like write , rhino , and there.

However, it secretly hides in colonel. English borrowed the word from French coronel , and originally it was pronounced with an r sound. In an effort to ease the pronunciation problem, they changed the first l sound to an r sound. This is quite a common occurrence; when there are two l sounds or two r sounds near each other in a word, one of them is frequently omitted or changed to a different sound to eliminate a tricky pronunciation.

Linguists call this type of alteration dissimilation. When English later adopted the word, the French pronunciation was kept, but the letter r was changed back to an l , making the term look more like the original Italian word and producing the never-ending conflict we continue to have between spelling and pronunciation. Generally, when the letter c is followed by i , e , or y , it makes an s sound—for example, city , citation , cent , and icy. Long e is the exception e. There is also the unique sound picture ce , as in voice , in which c is seen but s is heard.

Here are the "rules" for pronunciation of -ed :. Today, ewe retains its Old Englishness, and so does few —being such, the word is sounded with a long u without including that letter. Short u , on the other hand, is heard in some , the homophone of sum , and the a in about is sometimes regarded as having a similar sound.

The pronunciation of of with a v sound was formalized in the 16th and 17th centuries, and that happened without much to-do, which is odd for an English word. Consider this, at the very least, some centuries-overdue to. One and won are homophones. The initial w sound in one developed in late Middle English; likewise, once is recorded as wonus around the same time. Prior, one rhymed with alone and atone , both of which are derived from Middle English one.