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Sign up. El plan de marketing incluye la estrategia de marketing y el plan para implementarla. Entender que las razones para comprar por primera vez son distintas a las razones para repetir. Largo plazo vs. Corto plazo, la estrategia vs. Evaluating bids.

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USD - Budget. Create your own project Are you looking for a freelancer to work on a similar project? Create a similar project. Y lo hemos logrado. More details Venezuela. Emiliano T. Published: 23 hours ago Bids: 4. Obtain valid email addresses of the top developers in Thailand - Director level for roles in Sales, Marketing and Operations. Other projects available in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. We are a Brochure Design. When we enquired about gender, these indexes are very significant, once To learn more about the profile, the variables of gender, age and formation of the respondents have been crossed.

This crossing of variables can could highlight that the age group between 19 and 25, are mainly women of higher level of vocational training, although there are difference in educational levels. In the age group of 26 to 35, the study level is mainly make up by women and men who have a university degree and a master. For age groups between 36 and 45 years it shows that both men and women often have studies in vocational training-higher or a degree.

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For people over 45, men often have the high school level and vocational traininghigher diploma. Women instead, are graduated to degree level. Talking about the connection time that users spend a day on social networks, What emerges from this compendium is that The average of users connection time is This data suggests that the average connection time of men is Therefore, connection time regarding women is greater, ranging from one and five hours.

Women spend more time connected to social networks than men. It's also important to point that women between 36 and 45 years are who is most connected, but less than an hour a day followed by the younger population that is illustrated to be connected between 3 and 5 hours a day. The fact that users contact organizations when they need, suggest that they want to do that immediately and they expect immediate responses.

The device from which they usually make greater use of access to social networks is the desktop computer This immediate need for contact with the community is what leads to the volume of interactions being higher on Monday, and remains steadily throughout the rest of the week, except for weekends.

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This is because of their schedules. The majority of these organizations in social networks operate during working hours. This is advisable due to the immediacy offered by these platforms.

La gran apuesta

The volume of interactions for weeks has grown gradually during the six months of the sample. An important part of any Communication plans is the loyalty of the community, and that is why organizations try to retain these members through social networks and other platforms that make up the Social Media. From the message analyzed, one can observe a total of 91, messages that have been classified as engagement which means a Those messages have been distributed during the sample in the following way:.

The loyalty messages analyzed during the sample are divided between community and organizations as shown in the following table: the messages sent by the organization are 7,, representing 8. We can conclude that as in the majority, more than 9 of every 10 messages come from the community, and therefore a minority is messages issued by the organization in order to build up loyalty with the members of their community. As we have seen throughout this article, social networks currently fulfill basic functions within the Communication plans, as invaluable tools for direct Communication with the various public external, but principally internal , and should be appreciative of allowing organizations who have a presence in social platforms, to be able to target different Communication application; depending on the specific needs customer service, advertise products channel, feedback channel on market research etc.

Though it is true that I have collected quite a few messages of fidelity categorized as engagement however, that loyalty is not considered strong enough given that real relationships between organizations and their consumers are not given in own social networks where they have presence.

With regard to the community, it is noticed an increasingly trend not only by young people but people of other ages. In respect to the genre, there is relative parity.

ISBN 13: 9788483224588

The education level is not reflected in the use, with an average of Although people tend to get connected from computers and laptops; smartphones are gaining power. The users that follow brands within social networks demonstrate a greater percentage of these consumers purchase their products. The importance of the proper management of these relationships cannot be ignored, as to improve consumer loyalty. That said I would like to note the results do not imply that it can convert all followers into loyal customers, but at least to strengthen ties with them, and aspire greater faith and trust in the organization.

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The study notes that the consumers interests with the respective organizations concern in products information, complaints and the humanization of the user. The majority of respondents expressed that they mainly do it when they need it, regardless of when it is week or weekend. If only an office, or Monday to Friday Schedule can be offered, users find more obstacles when using social network rather than other means, when taking response time into account.

Besides that, many of the messages are advertisements, so we deduct the strong presence of advertising interest in these messages, neglecting relations with the public as such. However, it is important that social networks are used as Public Relations tools, promoting the experiences of users and to subsequently share them. LG Spain, makes a hint of something similar to that referred to in this paragraph, but the true essence is that one invites users to share all the experiences positive and negative and to work from these platforms in order that negative comments are not repeated, but to enhance the positive ones through listening to and understanding the users thanks to the participation.

This approach will allow many organizations to engage within their communities in the same way; to establish long-term relationships with members, as always in a personalized way. MK secretos a voces del social-media. Acceso en: 16 jun. PuroMarketing , Acceso en: 21 jun. Marketing en la tierra media 2. La red como espacio para relacionarnos con nuestros clientes.

Marketing y competitividad. Nuevos enfoques para nuevas realidades. Buenos Aires: Pearson, La Web 2.

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Acceso el: 04 out. La publicidad en las Redes sociales. De lo invasivo a lo consentido. II, n. Acceso en: 11 jun. Acceso en: 19 jun.