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Summary: Like the animated series it's based on, "Aeon Flux" is the kind of sci-fi that's best appreciated by the MTV generation. The action takes place in the year , four centuries after a virus nearly decimated the human race, leaving only five million survivors in a utopian city called Bregna. Aeon belongs to the Monicans, a secret rebel resistance force that is struggling to destroy the Goodchild regime led by its namesake, Trevor Goodchild Martin Csokas , the ruler of Bregna and a descendant of the man who found a cure for the deadly virus. As instructed by the Handler Frances McDormand, gamely playing along in ridiculous sci-fi regalia , Aeon is assigned to assassinate Goodchild, but there are deeper secrets to be discovered, and conspiracies to be foiled.

Other highlights include Aeon's high-tech gadgetry including an eyeball that doubles as a microsocope and the amusing sight of Pete Postlethwaite in a costume resembling a construction-site disposal tube, but Flux fans may wonder what happened to the surreal, chromium sheen future that gave the MTV series its visionary appeal. As a live-action feature, "Aeon Flux" is a miscalculated exercise in cheesy style and dour tone, but it's entertaining enough to earn a small cadre of admirers. Summary: John Huston made better, more powerful films than "The African Queen", but none so universally beloved, on first appearance and over the decades since.

In this adaptation of the C. He's the gin-soaked skipper of what we might call the title character, a none-too-reliable steam launch chugging along the backwaters of the "Dark Continent. It's an absurd proposition. Then again, John Huston and the absurd were always on familiar terms. It wasn't until he got to the Congo that the director realized what a funny picture "The African Queen" was going to be, thanks to the odd coupling of Bogie and Kate: "One brought out a vein of humor in the other, and this comic sense, which had been missing from the book and screenplay, grew out of our day-to-day shooting.

Unfortunately, neither of them could do anything about the process-screen technology needed for, and glaringly inadequate to, the sequence of Bogart and Hepburn shooting the rapids--just about the only lapse in an enchanting fairy tale for adults. Summary: Quite a few folks in the movies have seen dead people, especially since "The Sixth Sense", but "After. Life" gives this by-now-familiar conceit an intriguing spin. As director-cowriter Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo's film would have it, the deceased aren't exactly dead.

At least not yet; in the days between whatever killed them and the moment they're put in a box and lowered six feet under, they're caught in some kind of purgatory, no longer alive but still able to move and communicate. Not to everyone, of course; only Eliot Deacon Liam Neeson has the ability, be it a gift or a curse, to converse with these infernal travelers as he readies them for their final rest in the basement of his funeral home.

That's where he meets Anna Taylor Christina Ricci , who died in a car crash following a nasty argument with her boyfriend, Paul Justin Long. Anna, not surprisingly, is in denial. How can she be dead, when she can still walk, talk, and experience emotions? Well, it's complicated, but Eliot's there to help her sort it all out--that is, unless he's up to something considerably more sinister, a question that remains in doubt even at the very end.

Life" has a cool concept, a good look, an ominous vibe driven by former Tangerine Dream member Paul Haslinger's relentlessly spacy, downbeat musical score , and some fine performances. But movies like this depend on the rules and boundaries the filmmakers establish. In "The Sixth Sense", those rules "dead people don't know they're dead," etc. Here they're a bit more confusing. How can the deceased wield a knife, open a locked door, or even make a phone call? If Anna is dead, why can she still see her breath on a windowpane?

The willingness to accept such things may well affect one's appreciation of this very absorbing film. But almost two decades would elapse before Disney released his "Alice". It's the most uneven of the classic Disney features, juxtaposing brilliant and dull sequences. The Mad Tea Party, the Queen of Hearts' Croquet Game, and Alice's encounters with the Caterpillar and Cheshire Cat fuse the spirit of Carroll's words, the vitality of the polished animation, and the stylized look and brilliant palette of designer Mary Blair.

Translation of «übertourig» into 25 languages

Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" remains a beloved film, and its better moments are truly magical. Rated G: cartoon violence, some scary moments, tobacco use "--Charles Solomon". All the guys want to be with her and all the girls want to be her. Then one weekend a group of horny teens head to one of their parents' ranch and are then picked off one by one by someone in the darkness. I watched this film with low expectations as a majority of these types of films tend to be rubbish, but I was pleasantly surprised that this was actually quite different.

The basic formula is the same as other slashers where scantily clad teens run about and getting killed off in various brutal ways by an unknown killer, but the thing that stood out in this movie was the ending which really was an excellent twist and quite a shock. The killings aren't all that original and there aren't that many of them either.

In fact, the first person doesn't actually get killed until over 30 minutes into the film, which I felt built up the tension and the story a lot rather than just jumping straight into the murders. The killer is really obvious and if you don't get it within the first few scenes, you must really not be paying attention. It's not that important though as the suspense and surprises more than make up for that. One thing I strongly advise though is NOT to buy this on Blu Ray as the picture quality is absolutely terrible - at times even worse than some bad quality standard DVDs.

Overall this is a watchable, enjoyable and typical teen slasher flick that is one of the better ones that have been released over the past few years and has some believable performances from the cast after watching the interview with Heard, she must be a good actor as she seems quite intelligent in the film! Probably worth a rent rather than a buy as it isn't one I'd watch again, at least for a long while. This definitely has the potential to be a cult hit, I just hope that they don't follow this on with numerous unnecessary sequels. Summary: "Almost Famous" is the movie Cameron Crowe has been waiting a lifetime to tell.

We are introduced to Crowe's alter ego, William Miller Patrick Fugit , at home, where his progressive mom a superb Frances McDormand has outlawed rock music and sister Anita Zooey Deschanel has slipped him LPs that will "set his mind free. A simple visit with the band turns into a three-week, life-altering odyssey into the heyday of American rock. Of the characters he meets on the road, the two most important are groupie extraordinaire Penny Lane Kate Hudson in a star-making performance and Stillwater's enigmatic lead guitarist Billy Crudup , who keeps stringing Miller along for an interview.

From the handwritten credits done by Crowe to the bittersweet finale, Crowe's comedic valentine is an indelible, heartbreaking romance of music, women, and the privilege of youth. As murders continue, Megan gets psychic leads and is haunted by the ghosts of the wrongly deceased, but cannot solve the case. And the conundrum posed by Megan in her therapy group is engaging: manic people do often excel due to intuition, yet it is their ability to experience the world differently that gets them into trouble. Although the ghosts hallucinations are unconvincing, and Dushku probably could have used more research before she took the role, Alphabet Killer captivates because it shows how convoluted layers of reality can confuse even the sharpest detective.

The disturbing thing about Alphabet Killer is not the film itself but the idea behind it: that the majority of what we know and trust is illusory, and that truth is discovered best through madness. Summary: This film is definitely one of my favourites films. The fact it won 8 oscars underlines just how amazing the film is - the story,the acting, the editing and the music are extraordinary.

However I gave this 3 stars and not 6! I currently own the directors's cut DVD and to me the difference in quality throughout the film was only marginal. The majority of the transfer definitely showed a deeper range of colour and less signs of video compression. However it just isn't enough to warrant a release on blu ray. Indeed some scenes looked pretty much the same as my DVD, particularly the opening scene.

And I'm in the group of people trying to persuade others how good blu ray is. I mean if you look at how they have restored the Bond films from the 60s, this "upgrade" might well be seen as a rip off. I remember some of the scenes in Dr. No looked spectacular - as if they had been filmed yesterday with bitrates often above 30Mbps in visually rich scenes.

Amadeus is certainly not short of visually rich scenes with all the costumes, palaces, salons and stages but nothing was made of it. The VC-1 transfer seemed to hover at around 15Mbps for the majority of the film sometimes climbing to the twenties and rarely to 30 and sometimes dropping to 6Mbps. It is better quality - but with the smallest justifiable margin. If you have not seen the film, buy it already - this film IS brilliant and this is still the best quailty in which you can view it.

If anyone else agrees about the picture quality - post a review as well. Bob Rafelson, who cocreated the prefab four's hit television series, penned this psychedelic showbiz satire with Jack Nicholson, star of the director's acclaimed follow-up Five Easy Pieces. In an accompanying interview, Rafelson acknowledges, "Quite frankly, there was a bit of acid involved.

It's rambling and discursive, but the musical sequences, which anticipate the video era to come, are great. This Criterion edition comes with a swell selection of extras, including commentary from the band, trailers and promo spots, a snazzy slide show, an awkward TV interview, screen tests in which the quartet's innate charm shines through, and an informative documentary about BBS the production company of Rafelson, Bert Schneider, and Steve Blauner with historian Douglas Brinkley and critic David Thomson, who describes Rafelson and associates as "hippies, dopers, party animals to the max.

Fennessy Easy Rider This box-office hit from is an important pioneer of the American independent cinema movement, and a generational touchstone to boot. Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper play hippie motorcyclists crossing the Southwest and encountering a crazy quilt of good and bad people. Jack Nicholson turns up in a significant role as an attorney who joins their quest for awhile and articulates society's problem with freedom as Fonda's and Hopper's characters embody it.

Hopper directed, essentially bringing the no-frills filmmaking methods of legendary, drive-in movie producer Roger Corman The Little Shop of Horrors to a serious feature for the mainstream. The film can't help but look a bit dated now a psychedelic sequence toward the end particularly doesn't hold up well , but it retains its original power, sense of daring, and epochal impact.

Written and directed with remarkable restraint by Bob Rafelson, the film is the result of a short-lived partnership between the filmmaker and Nicholson--the first was the zany formalist exercise, Head, while the equally impressive King of Marvin Gardens followed Five Easy Pieces. Quiet and full of long, controlled takes, this film draws its strength from the acutely detailed, nonjudgmental observations of its complex protagonist, Robert Dupea--an extremely crass and frustrated oil worker, and failed child pianist hiding from his past in Texas. Dupea spends his life drinking beer and sleeping with and cheating on his annoying but adoring Tammy Wynette-wannabe girlfriend, but when he learns that his father is dying in Washington State, he leaves.

After the film transforms into a spirited road movie, and arrives at the eccentric upper-class Dupea family mansion, it becomes apparent that leaving is what Dupea does best--from his problems, fears, and those who love him. Nicholson gives a difficult yet masterful performance in an unlikable role, one that's full of ambiguity and requires violent shifts in acting style.

Several sequences--such as his stopping traffic to play piano, or his famous verbal duels with a cranky waitress over a chicken-salad sandwich--are Nicholson landmarks. Yet, it's the quieter moments, when Dupea tries miserably to communicate and reconcile with his dying father, where the actor shows his real talent--and by extension, shows us the wounded little boy that lurks in the shell of the man Dupea has become.

There is no plot per se, though the ebb and flow of Hector's relationship with his bullying coach Bruce Dern, Silent Running runs throughout the movie. The opening sequence, in which the guerrilla theater troupe disrupts a basketball game, is stunning, and the raw immediacy of how Nicholson, a notorious basketball fan, shot the playing was hugely influential. Contemporary audiences may grow impatient with the loose narrative, but visually intriguing moments and empathetic turns of character abound--if you surrender to the movie's idiosyncratic flow, Drive, He Said is a rewarding experience.

While the film technically tells the story of Susan, a. Noah Tuesday Weld , and her tenuous relationship with the more conservative Fred Phil Proctor , A Safe Place operates more like a poetic, colorful dip into the consciousness of the characters who star in the film. Editing goes chronologically awry, flashing back and forth, repeating and skipping scenes; settings and conversations tie loosely together according to Susan's skewed logic; and a few key plot digressions create a melancholy, psychedelic mood more than they fortify Susan's tale in any straightforward way.

These traits make the film. While time slips away under the spells of a homemade Ouija board that Susan and her friends play with, and is marked by her preoccupations with a mysterious Magician Orson Welles pulling rainbows out of boxes and trying to make zoo animals disappear, A Safe Place evokes the mystical, idealistic climate of the s. Somehow, through Jaglom's abstract, theatrical storytelling method, which is further explained in some informative director interviews in the extras, themes reveal themselves elegantly.

On one level a simple love story, A Safe Place invites viewers to dig deeply into the universal fears inherent to most relationships: fears of repeating the same mistakes, fears of inability to love, fears of the future, fears of becoming too attached. All these fears, collaged into a patchwork of scenic moments and clips, miraculously express levels of human awareness that far exceed those in the average romantic comedy. Based on the novel by Larry McMurtry and lovingly directed by Peter Bogdanovich who cowrote the script with McMurtry , this drama has been interpreted as an affectionate tribute to classic Hollywood filmmaking and the great directors such as John Ford that Bogdanovich so deeply admired.

It's also a eulogy for lost innocence and small-town life, so accurately rendered that critic Roger Ebert called it "the best film of ," referring to the movie's one-year time frame, its black-and-white cinematography by Robert Surtees , and its sparse but evocative visual style. The story is set in the tiny, dying town of Anarene, Texas, where the main-street movie house is about to close for good, and where a pair of high-school football players are coming of age and struggling to define their uncertain futures.

There's little to do in Anarene, and while Sonny Timothy Bottoms engages in a passionless fling with his football coach's wife Cloris Leachman , his best friend Duane Jeff Bridges enlists for service in the Korean War. Both boys fall for a manipulative high-school beauty Cybill Shepherd who's well aware of her sexual allure.

#mediabook photos & videos

But it's not so much what happens in The Last Picture show as how it happens--and how Bogdanovich and his excellent cast so effectively capture the melancholy mood of a ghost town in the making. As Hank Williams sings on the film's evocative soundtrack, The Last Picture Show looks, feels, and sounds like a sad but unforgettably precious moment out of time. When Dern invites Nicholson to get involved in a plot to buy a tropical island with someone else's money, Nicholson goes along for the ride.

Everything about the film is surreal, from Ellen Burstyn as Dern's girlfriend, who begins to realize she's aging out of the games Dern plays, to the way the film is shot, with conversations on horseback and a private reenactment of the Miss America pageant with Nicholson in the Bert Parks role, singing "Here she comes, Miss America….


Extras include interviews with Burstyn, Dern, and Rafelson in which Rafelson admits Nicholson's opening monologue comes from a college essay that got him kicked out of class. Wer nicht wirklich weiss, was man sich unter einem Martyrium vorzustellen hat, er wird es nach diesem Film wissen. Ich bin gespannt wie der Film von anderen hier empfunden wird und bin auf deren Rezessionen gespannt. If that statement doesn't horrify you, it should; Norton is so fully immersed in his role as a neo-Nazi skinhead that his character's eloquent defense of racism is disturbingly persuasive--at least on the surface.

Looking lean and mean with a swastika tattoo and a mind full of hate, Derek Vinyard Norton has inherited racism from his father, and that learning has been intensified through his service to Cameron Stacy Keach , a grown-up thug playing tyrant and teacher to a growing band of disenfranchised teens from Venice Beach, California, all hungry for an ideology that fuels their brooding alienation. The film's basic message--that hate is learned and can be unlearned--is expressed through Derek's kid brother, Danny Edward Furlong , whose sibling hero-worship increases after Derek is imprisoned or, in Danny's mind, martyred for the killing of two black men.

Lacking Derek's gift of rebel rhetoric, Danny is easily swayed into the violent, hateful lifestyle that Derek disowns during his thoughtful time in prison. And yet British director Tony Kaye who would later protest against Norton's creative intervention during post-production manages to juggle these qualities--and a compelling clash of visual styles--to considerable effect. No matter how strained their collaboration may have been, both Kaye and Norton can be proud to have created a film that addresses the issue of racism with dramatically forceful impact.

The plot is mostly an excuse for director Vincente Minnelli to pool his own extraordinary talent with those of choreographer-dancer-actor Kelly and the artists behind the screenplay, art direction, cinematography, and score, creating a rapturous musical not quite like anything else in cinema. The final section of the film comprises a minute dance sequence that took a month to film and is breathtaking. Summary: The Bret Easton Ellis novel "American Psycho", a dark, violent satire of the "me" culture of Ronald Reagan's s, is certainly one of the most controversial books of the '90s, and that notoriety fueled its bestseller status.

This smart, savvy adaptation by Mary Harron "I Shot Andy Warhol" may be able to ride the crest of the notoriety; prior to the film's release, Harron fought a ratings battle ironically, for depictions of sex rather than violence , but at the time the director stated, "We're rescuing [the book] from its own bad reputation. Bale is razor sharp as the blank corporate drone, a preening tiger in designer suits whose speaking voice is part salesman, part self-help guru, and completely artificial.

Carrying himself with the poised confidence of a male model, he spends his days in a numbing world of status-symbol one-upmanship and soul-sapping small talk, but breaks out at night with smirking explosions of homicide, accomplished with the fastidious care of a hopeless obsessive. The film's approach to this mayhem is simultaneously shocking and discreet; even Bateman's outrageous naked charge with a chainsaw is most notable for the impossibly polished and gleaming instrument of death. Harron's film is a hilarious, cheerfully insidious hall of mirrors all pointed inward, slowly cracking as the portrait becomes increasingly grotesque and insane.

Summary: Nearly three decades on, is "Anvil! Quite possibly so. The recipient of far-reaching acclaim, and with a real run for being named film of the year, this is a superb documentary, that is all the more staggering for being true. The Story Of Anvil" follows the band of its title, a heavy metal group who enjoyed moderate success in the late 70s and early 80s, but kept going even when the light of fame and success shone elsewhere. As "Anvil!

Al Pacino, coach of the fictional Miami Sharks the NFL declined involvement in this production , struggles with the most time-honored of sports movie dilemmas: what to do with the old friend who's past his prime and the young hotshot who could save the franchise but first has to learn what being a team player is all about. Comedian Jamie Foxx does a marvelous dramatic turn as the rookie quarterback whose ego and talent are equally impressive, while Pacino seems more at ease in Oliver Stone Land than any actor since regular James Woods on hand as well as a sleazy team doctor.

Prowling the sidelines, shouting spittle-flecked orders, seizing up in almost physical pain when a play goes the wrong way, Pacino is as unashamedly--and entertainingly--hyperbolic as Stone's whirling montages of boiling storm clouds, bloodthirsty fans, and players smashed into the mud. Once again football, perhaps the most sophisticated of team sports, is viewed cinematically as a bunch of guys hitting each other in slow motion.

To drive the point home, Stone includes Charlton Heston--the aging "Ben-Hur"--in one of many star-powered cameos. All in all, "Any Given Sunday" is never dull, but never very enjoyable, either. Summary: In the tradition of such obsessively driven directors as Erich von Stroheim and Werner Herzog, Francis Ford Coppola approached the production of "Apocalypse Now" as if it were his own epic mission into the heart of darkness. On location in the storm-ravaged Philippines, he quite literally went mad as the project threatened to devour him in a vortex of creative despair, but from this insanity came one of the greatest films ever made.

It began as a John Milius screenplay, transposing Joseph Conrad's classic story "Heart of Darkness" into the horrors of the Vietnam War, following a battle-weary Captain Willard Martin Sheen on a secret upriver mission to find and execute the renegade Colonel Kurtz Marlon Brando , who has reverted to a state of murderous and mystical insanity. The journey is fraught with danger involving wartime action on epic and intimate scales.

One measure of the film's awesome visceral impact is the number of sequences, images, and lines of dialogue that have literally burned themselves into our cinematic consciousness, from the Wagnerian strike of helicopter gunships on a Vietnamese village to the brutal murder of stowaways on a peasant sampan and the unflinching fearlessness of the surfing warrior Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore Robert Duvall , who speaks lovingly of "the smell of napalm in the morning.

Coppola's obsession effectively detailed in the riveting documentary "Hearts of Darkness", directed by Coppola's wife, Eleanor informs every scene and every frame, and the result is a film for the ages. Summary: The Western has been an endangered species, on and off, for something like 40 years now. Parker novel--first because it exists at all, but even more because Harris as star, director, and co-screenwriter with Robert Knott has managed to bring it to the screen with no hint of fuss or strain, as if the making of no-nonsense, copiously pleasurable Westerns were still something Hollywood did with regularity.

Harris plays Virgil Cole, one of those ace gunfighter-lawmen whose name need only be mentioned to make a saloon go still. Cole and his shotgun-toting partner Everett Hitch Viggo Mortensen accept a commission to enforce law and order in the New Mexico town of Appaloosa. That basically means protect it from rapacious rancher Randall Bragg Jeremy Irons, looking right at home on the range , who murdered the previous town marshal like swatting a fly.

Life becomes complicated when, about the time Bragg has been jailed to await trial, a fancy-dressing piano player calling herself Mrs. Cole commences to have feelings, and as he ruefully reminds Hitch, "Feelin's can get ya killed. The film's main disappointment is that it would benefit from more running time to allow things to stew a bit longer, especially in the second half.

The character work is choice, from the moment Tom Bower, James Gammon, and Timothy Spall step into view as Appaloosa's civic leaders; the director's father Bob Harris contributes a cameo as a mellifluous-tongued circuit judge, and an age-thickened Lance Henriksen turns up midfilm as gunman Ring Shelton, trailing affability and menace. In collaboration with Dances With Wolves cameraman Dean Semler, Harris sets up shots and scenes in such a way that we often see into and out of Appaloosa's various buildings simultaneously, to excellent dramatic and atmospheric effect, and there's a thrillingly vertical dynamics to a scene involving a train at an isolated water stop.

The action is lethal when it needs to be, but never dwelt upon. Cole's response says it all: "Everybody could shoot. Writer: J. Summary: The latest testosterone-saturated blow-'em-up from producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay "The Rock", "Bad Boys" continues Hollywood's millennium-fueled fascination with the destruction of our planet. There's no arguing that the successful duo understands what mainstream American audiences want in their blockbuster movies--loads of loud, eye-popping special effects, rapid- fire pacing, and patriotic flag waving.

Bay's protagonists--the eight crude, lewd, oversexed but lovable, of course oil drillers summoned to save the world from a Texas-sized meteor hurling toward the earth--are not flawless heroes, but common men with whom all can relate. In this huge Western-in-space soap opera, they're American cowboys turned astronauts. Sci-fi buffs will appreciate Bay's fetishizing of technology, even though it's apparent he doesn't understand it as anything more than flashing lights and shiny gadgets. Smartly, the duo also tries to lure the art-house crowd, raiding the local indie acting stable and populating the film with guys like Steve Buscemi, Billy Bob Thornton, Owen Wilson, and Michael Duncan, all adding needed touches of humor and charisma.

When Bay applies his sledgehammer aesthetics to the action portions of the film, it's mindless fun; it's only when "Armageddon" tackles humanity that it becomes truly offensive. Not since "Mississippi Burning" have racial and cultural stereotypes been substituted for characters so blatantly--African Americans, Japanese, Chinese, Scottish, Samoans, Muslims, French Or, make that white "male" America; the film features only three notable females--four if you count the meteor, who's constantly referred to as a "bitch that needs drillin'," but she's a hell of a lot more developed and unpredictable than the other women characters combined.

Sure, Bay's film creates some tension and contains some visceral moments, but if he can't create any redeemable characters outside of those in space, what's the point of saving the planet? Summary: A movie that only true horror buffs could love, "Army of Darkness" is officially part 3 in the wild and wacky "Evil Dead" trilogy masterminded by the perversely inventive director Sam Raimi, who would later serve as executive producer of the popular syndicated TV series "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys". Raimi's favorite actor, Bruce Campbell, returns as Ash hero of the first two "Evil Dead" flicks , a hardware-store clerk who is magically transported--along with his beat-up Oldsmobile and a chainsaw attachment for his severed left forearm--to the brutal battlefields of the 14th century.

He quickly assumes power who else in the Middle Ages packs a shotgun and a chainsaw? The frantic action is fun while it lasts, but even at 80 minutes "Army of Darkness" nearly wears out its welcome. You know that Raimi can maintain the mayhem for only so long before it grows tiresome, and fortunately this madcap movie quits while it's ahead. Summary: Of all the movies made about or glancingly involving the 19th-century outlaw Jesse Woodson James, "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" is the most reflective, most ambitious, most intricately fascinating, and indisputably most beautiful.

Based on the novel of the same name by Ron Hansen, it picks up James late in his career, a few hours before his final train robbery, then covers the slow catastrophe of the gang's breakup over the next seven months even as the boss himself settles into an approximation of genteel retirement. But in another sense all of the movie is later than that.

The very title assumes the audience's familiarity with James as a figure out of history and legend, and our awareness that he was--will be--murdered in his parlor one quiet afternoon by a backshooting crony.

Dust Devils

The film--only the second to be made by New Zealand—born writer-director Andrew Dominik--reminds us that Dominik's debut film, "Chopper" , was the cunningly off-kilter portrait of another real-life criminal psychopath who became a kind of rock star to his society. The Jesse James of this telling is no Robin Hood robbing the rich to give to the poor, and that train robbery we witness is punctuated by acts of gratuitous brutality, not gallantry. Nineteen-year-old Bob Ford Casey Affleck seeks to join the James gang out of hero worship stoked by the dime novels he secretes under his bed, but his glam hero Brad Pitt is a monster who takes private glee in infecting his accomplices with his own paranoia, then murdering them for it.

In the careful orchestration of James's final moments, there's even a hint that he takes satisfaction in his own demise. Affleck and Pitt who co-produced with Ridley Scott, among others are mesmerizing in the title roles, but the movie is enriched by an exceptional supporting cast: Sam Shepard as Jesse's older, more stable brother Frank; Sam Rockwell as Bob Ford's own brother Charlie, whose post-assassination descent into madness is astonishing to behold; Paul Schneider, Garret Dillahunt, and Jeremy Renner as three variously doomed gang members; and Mary-Louise Parker, who as Jesse's wife Zee has few lines yet manages with looks and body language to invoke a wellnigh-novelistic backstory for herself.

There are also electrifying cameos by James Carville, doing solid actorly work as the governor of Missouri; Ted Levine, as a lawman of antic spirit; and Nick Cave, composer of the film's score with Warren Ellis and screenwriter of the Aussie "Western" "The Proposition", suddenly towering over a late scene to perform the folk song that set the terms for the book and movie's title.

Still, the real costar is Roger Deakins, probably the finest cinematographer at work today. The landscapes of the movie mostly in Alberta and Manitoba will linger in the memory as long as the distinctive faces, and we seem to feel the sting of its snows on our cheeks. Interior scenes are equally persuasive. Few Westerns have conveyed so tangibly the bleakness and austerity of the spaces people of the frontier called home, and sought in vain to warm with human spirit. Summary: Watching the early reels of Australia, there's certainly no doubt who's in charge: this could only be a film by Baz Luhrmann, that wacky purveyor of all things over-the-top.

When the two are forced to team up along with a motley crew of misfits to take a herd of cattle through the hostile landscape, their way is challenged by the dastardly plans of the local beef baron Bryan Brown and his elaborately evil lieutenant David Wenham. At some point you realize that this film's main commodity is not cattle, but corn: Luhrmann piles on the melodrama and the old-school climaxes with his usual frantic glee. Those with a taste for un-ironic silliness might just go for this stuff, but even fans of the Baz will have their patience tested by the broad comedy and the absence of discernable chemistry between Kidman and Jackman.

Australia does manage to skewer the culture's prejudices against the Aboriginal people, but in this context such a victory comes across as rather tinny. The journey begins with three movie versions: the original theatrical release, the special edition re-release, and the exclusive extended cut not shown in theaters. And that's just what's on the first Blu-ray disc. The set's bonus feature run more than eight hours and include over 45 minutes of deleted scenes; actor's screen tests; on-location footage; feature-length documentaries on the film's groundbreaking production; an interactive scene-deconstruction feature that lets you explore different levels of production for 17 scenes; a comprehensive guide to the world of Pandora; and more.

The greatest adventure of all time just got bigger and better. Contents of the Blu-ray Extended Collector's Edition What follows is the back-of-the box summary of the Blu-ray set's contents and then a complete listing of everything that's included. Set in the future on a distant planet, Avatar spins a simple little parable about greedy colonizers that would be mankind messing up the lush tribal world of Pandora. A paraplegic Marine named Jake Sam Worthington acts through a 9-foot-tall avatar that allows him to roam the planet and pass as one of the Na'vi, the blue-skinned, large-eyed native people who would very much like to live their peaceful lives without the interference of the visitors.

The movie uses state-of-the-art 3D technology to plunge the viewer deep into Cameron's crazy toy box of planetary ecosystems and high-tech machinery. Maybe it's the fact that Cameron seems torn between his two loves--awesome destructive gizmos and flower-power message mongering--that makes Avatar's pursuit of its point ultimately uncertain. That, and the fact that Cameron's dialogue continues to clunk badly. If you're won over by the movie's trippy new world, the characters will be forgivable as broad, useful archetypes rather than standard-issue stereotypes, and you might be able to overlook the unsurprising central plot.

The overextended "take that, Michael Bay" final battle sequences could tax even Cameron enthusiasts, however. It doesn't measure up to the hype what could? The film itself is our Pandora, a sensation-saturated universe only the movies could create. Summary: From Hollywood's legendary Cocoanut Grove to the pioneering conquest of the wild blue yonder, Martin Scorsese's "The Aviator" celebrates old-school filmmaking at its finest.

We say "old school" only because Scorsese's love of golden-age Hollywood is evident in his approach to his subject--Howard Hughes in his prime played by Leonardo DiCaprio in his --and especially in his technical mastery of the medium reflecting his love for classical filmmaking of the studio era.

Even when he's using state-of-the-art digital trickery for the film's exciting flight scenes including one of the most spectacular crashes ever filmed , Scorsese's meticulous attention to art direction and costume design suggests an impassioned pursuit of craftsmanship from a bygone era; every frame seems to glow with gilded detail.

And while DiCaprio bears little physical resemblance to Hughes during the film's year span late s to late '40s , he efficiently captures the eccentric millionaire's golden-boy essence, and his tragic descent into obsessive-compulsive seclusion. Bolstered by Cate Blanchett's uncannily accurate portrayal of Katharine Hepburn as Hughes' most beloved lover, "The Aviator" is easily Scorsese's most accessible film, inviting mainstream popularity without compromising Scorsese's artistic reputation. As compelling crowd-pleasers go, it's a class act from start to finish.

Summary: In delivering PGrated excitement, "Alien vs. Predator" is an acceptably average science-fiction action thriller with some noteworthy highlights, even if it squanders its opportunity to intelligently combine two popular and R-rated franchises. Rabid fans can justifiably ask "Is that all there is?

This disposable junk should've been better, but nobody who's seen "Mortal Kombat" or "Resident Evil" should be surprised by writer-director Paul W. Anderson's lack of imagination. As a brisk, minute exercise in generic thrills, however, Anderson's work is occasionally impressive Summary: For those who found 's "Aliens vs. Predator" too lightweight in the gore-and-guns department, "Aliens vs.

Predator: Requiem" offers a marked improvement in both categories, as well as a respectable amount of rumbles between the title extraterrestrials. Set in the 21st century which predates the story to all of the "Alien" features , "Requiem" sends a crippled Predator ship crashing to Earth in a small Colorado town; unbeknownst to the locals, the craft is loaded with H. Giger's insectoid monsters, which make quick work of most of the population. As the human cast is slowly whittled to a few hardy if unmemorable souls, a Predator warrior also arrives to complicate matters and do battle with the Aliens, as well as a ferocious alien-Predator hybrid dubbed a Predalien by the sci-fi and horror press.

Visual-effects designers and music-video helmers The Strause Brothers who make their feature directorial debut here keep the action on frantic throughout, which is wise, since the dialogue and characters are threadbare at best; that should matter little to teenage male viewers, who are inarguably the film's key audience. Fans of the "Alien" franchise, however, may find the offhanded nod to the series' mythology given during the finale its sole saving grace.

Predator: Requiem". Summary: Germany in the s: Murderous bomb attacks, the threat of terrorism and the fear of the enemy inside are rocking the very foundations of the still fragile German democracy. The radicalised children of the Nazi generation led by Andreas Baader Moritz Bleibtreu , Ulrike Meinhof Martina Gedeck and Gudrun Ensslin Johanna Wokalek are fighting a violent war against what they perceive as the new face of fascism: American imperialism supported by the German establishment, many of whom have a Nazi past.

Their aim is to create a more human society but by employing inhuman means they not only spread terror and bloodshed, they also lose their own humanity. The man who understands them is also their hunter: the head of the German police force Horst Herold Bruno Ganz. And while he succeeds in his relentless pursuit of the young terrorists, he knows he s only dealing with the tip of the iceberg. Doch manchmal ist es auch genau andersherum. Da wird das nette Aufpassen auf die Kinder anderer Leute zum echten Albtraum.

Unheimlich, blutig und spannend Schon auf dem Weg zur abgelegenen Farm der Stantons geht ihr Auto kaputt. Der kleine Sam ist schon im Bett. Soweit, so gut. Voller Schrecken ruft sie die Polizei und Rick an. Doch die anonymen Anrufe sind erst der Anfang, denn bald steht ein unheimlicher Mann vor ihr, der sie angreift.

Gerade als sie das Haus verlassen wollen, greift der furchtbare Mann wieder an. In all dem Durcheinander hat jedoch Sam seinen Cowboyhut verloren, den er bis dahin noch nicht einmal abgesetzt hatte. Was nun passiert, entzieht sich jeglicher Vorstellungskraft. Kann die arme Angie diesem Horror entkommen? Was in diesen schrecklichen Minuten geschieht, ist wirklich der Hammer. Shot in post-Katrina New Orleans presumably so that Herzog could take advantage of an atmosphere of decay and wreckage that no production design could match , "Bad Lieutenant" stars Nicolas Cage as Terence McDonagh, a cop who injures his back and becomes addicted to drugs.

But even before he became addicted he wasn't a nice guy, and afterward he's still capable of being honorable As his drug use and gambling spiral out of control, he doggedly pursues a drug dealer suspected of murdering a family. Anyone looking for a conventional thriller or police procedural will be baffled by Herzog's unpredictable direction--the camera will suddenly linger on an alligator by the side of the road, for example--as well as Cage's weird yet compelling performance, reminiscent of some of his early, off-putting acting in movies like "Peggy Sue Got Married" and "Vampire's Kiss".

He seems disconnected from the rest of the movie arguably like his drug-ridden character is disconnected from reality , yet perfectly in sync with Herzog's off-kilter visions of iguanas and break-dancing souls. The tension that results between the realistic setting and Cage's meta-performance will make some viewers recoil, but others will have a unique and possibly wrenching experience. Summary: It always comes up when people are comparing their most traumatic movie experiences: "the death of Bambi's mother," a recollection that can bring a shudder to even the most jaded filmgoer.

That primal separation which is no less stunning for happening off-screen is the centerpiece of "Bambi", Walt Disney's animated classic, but it is by no means the only bold stroke in the film. In its swift but somehow leisurely 69 minutes, "Bambi" covers a year in the life of a young deer. But in a bigger way, it measures the life cycle itself, from birth to adulthood, from childhood's freedom to grown-up responsibility. All of this is rendered in cheeky, fleet-footed style--the movie doesn't lecture, or make you feel you're being fed something that's good for you.

The animation is miraculous, a lush forest in which nature is a constantly unfolding miracle even in a spectacular fire, or those dark moments when "man was in the forest". There are probably easier animals to draw than a young deer, and the Disney animators set themselves a challenge with Bambi's wobbly glide across an ice-covered lake, his spindly legs akimbo; but the sequence is effortless and charming.

If Bambi himself is just a bit dull--such is the fate of an Everydeer--his rabbit sidekick Thumper and a skunk named Flower more than make up for it. Many of the early Disney features have their share of lyrical moments and universal truths, but "Bambi" is so simple, so pure, it's almost transparent. You might borrow a phrase from Thumper and say it's downright twitterpated.

Summary: A richly-acclaimed World War II drama, and one that deserved the many plaudits it garnered, "Band Of Brothers" remains as compelling, gripping and moving as it was when it first appeared over half a decade ago. And now it makes a very welcome debut in high definition. Across ten haunting episodes, "Band Of Brothers" follows the real-life story of the American army?

Along the way, not only do Easy Company take part in some of the most infamous battles and events of the War, but they also suffer many, often brutal losses. And "Band Of Brothers" pulls no punches in putting those moments across on screen. But that? At it's heart, this is the tale of a group of men relying on one another to get them through unthinkable situations. And this camaraderie is brilliantly put across by the generally unknown cast of actors, many of whom turn in outstanding performances here.

The quality production values are sustained behind the camera, as "Band Of Brothers"? The show gives all the impression that little expense was spared in depicting the right visual look, and the results are on screen to be admired. In short, "Band of Brothers" remains a vital, brilliant piece of television drama, and one that will stick in your mind long after the credits have rolled on the final episode. Summary: A cheerful, energetic, and completely entertaining movie, "The Bank Job" follows some small-time hoods who think they've lucked into a big-time opportunity when they learn a bank's security system will be temporarily suspended--little suspecting that they're being manipulated by government agents for their own ends.

The result is that the movie doubles its pleasures: While the robbery itself has the usual suspense of a heist film, when the robbery is over the hoods find themselves being hunted by the police, the government, and brutal criminal kingpins who were storing dangerous information in a safety deposit box. Director Roger Donaldson "No Way Out, Species" propels the action along with vigor, editing zippily with perfect clarity among multiple storylines and various colorful characters.

Jason Statham "Snatch, The Transporter" , as the leader of the bank robbers, successfully steps away from his usual bone-crunching roles to a more human presence. The rest of the cast--including Saffron Burrows "Deep Blue Sea" , Keeley Hawes "Tipping the Velvet" , David Suchet "Poirot" , and many faces familiar from British film and television--give their characters the right degree of personality and flavor without getting fussy or detracting from the headlong rush of the story.

A little sex, a lot of action, a sly sense of humor, and a twisty plot; if more movies had these basic pleasures, the world would be a happier place. Summary: The word "Baraka" means "blessing" in several languages; watching this film, the viewer is blessed with a dazzling barrage of images that transcend language. Filmed in 24 countries and set to an ever-changing global soundtrack, the movie draws some surprising connections between various peoples and the spaces they inhabit, whether that space is a lonely mountaintop or a crowded cigarette factory.

Some of these attempts at connection are more successful than others: for instance, an early sequence segues between the daily devotions of Tibetan monks, Orthodox Jews, and whirling dervishes, finding more similarity among these rituals than one might expect. And there are other amazing moments, as when sped-up footage of a busy Hong Kong intersection reveals a beautiful symmetry to urban life that could only be appreciated from the perspective of film.

The lack of context is occasionally frustrating--not knowing where a section was filmed, or the meaning of the ritual taking place--and some of the transitions are puzzling. However, the DVD includes a short behind-the-scenes featurette in which cinematographer Ron Fricke "Koyaanisqatsi" explains that the effect was intentional: "It's not where you are that's important, it's what's there. Summary: In the world was at Stanley Kubrick's feet. His films "Dr. Strangelove", " A Space Odyssey", and "A Clockwork Orange", released in the previous dozen years, had provoked rapture and consternation--not merely in the film community, but in the culture at large.

On the basis of that smashing hat trick, Kubrick was almost certainly the most famous film director of his generation, and absolutely the one most likely to rewire the collective mind of the movie audience. And what did this radical, at-leastyears-ahead-of-his-time filmmaker give the world in ?

A stately, three-hour costume drama based on an obscure Thackeray novel from A picaresque story about an Irish lad Ryan O'Neal, then a major star who climbs his way into high society, "Barry Lyndon" bewildered some critics Pauline Kael called it "an ice-pack of a movie" and did only middling business with patient audiences.

The film was clearly a technical advance, with its unique camerawork incorporating the use of prototype Zeiss lenses capable of filming by actual candlelight and sumptuous production design. But its hero is a distinctly underwhelming, even unsympathetic fellow, and Kubrick does not try to engage the audience's emotions in anything like the usual way.

Why, then, is "Barry Lyndon" a masterpiece? Because it uncannily captures the shape and rhythm of a human life in a way few other films have; because Kubrick's command of design and landscape is never decorative but always apiece with his hero's journey; and because every last detail counts. Even the film's chilly style is thawed by the warm narration of the great English actor Michael Hordern and the Irish songs of the Chieftains.

Poor Barry's life doesn't matter much in the end, yet the care Kubrick brings to the telling of it is perhaps the director's most compassionate gesture toward that most peculiar species of animal called man. And the final, wry title card provides the perfect Kubrickian sendoff--a sentiment that is even more poignant since Kubrick's premature death.

Summary: The take-no-prisoners sex thriller from now stands as a milestone in the career of screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, but in the hands of director Paul Verhoeven "Basic Instinct" is an undeniably stylish and provocative study of obsession. In the role that made her a star and showed the audience a little more skin than she intended , Sharon Stone plays the cleverly manipulative novelist Catherine Tramell who snares San Francisco detective Nick Curran Michael Douglas with her insatiable sexual appetite during the investigation of her boyfriend's murder.

Tramell is the prime suspect, but the plot twists and turns until Curran is trapped in a dangerous cycle of dead ends and unsolved murders, never sure if Tramell is committing the crimes or if it is some other, unknown suspect. With a plot that keeps viewers guessing, "Basic Instinct" is the work of a director who is clearly in his element. Summary: In retrospect, "Batman Begins" is perhaps even more of a towering achievement than we first realised. Much of the credit, of course, should go to the pairing of Christian Bale and director Christopher Nolan. Bale steps where the likes of Michael Keaton, Adam West and George Clooney have stepped before, and yet his Batman is darker and more complex than any of them.

His film is packed full of memorable characters, and he draws together a staggering cast, yet none of them are shortchanged. Du hast einmal um eine FAQ-Liste gebeten und jetzt habe ich dir und anderen Neulingen einen kleinen Hinweis angeboten. Wenn das euch nicht passt, sorry, aber so tragisch ist es nun wirklich auch nicht. Ich dachte, der Prius sei eine Toyota-Marke Beside s the fact that Lara, ich hoffe auch, dass du nie wieder an der Rezeption arbeiten musst -- und dass du irgendwann mal Zeit findest, Kekse auf einem neuen Backblech zu backen.

Comment Haha, hm--us, I was actually trying to imply that I have only one foot, as we all do, being snails ;- Thanks for the corrections! By the way, is there a word for the head-foot of single-footed cephalopods? I can't even think of one in German, but somehow I feel like there should be one. Maybe someone else can explain it, but I can just say it sounds better this way to me.

And "mitten in" has a lower-case "m". Gibson, yes, being safe from bookquakes might be an argument for e-books. But then, if people only lived where they were safe from earthquakes, we'd miss out on a lot of beautiful cities, wouldn't we? Comment Hi hm—us : Thanks for the corrections. I would have liked to return the favour but shhh preempted me.

Comment I was a bit surprised about what I perceived as a note of irritation in hm--us's In my impression, there's no need for that, the more so since I feel that there isn't really a lot of dissent about what belongs into the CC and what doesn't. It has often been expressed by almost everybody in here including hm--us that a mixture of "content" small talk or various other topics and language topics is what we like.

It isn't clearly defined what topics besides language and correcturitos are worth discussing in the thread, and that's fine with me - we had political and even religious an even more "touchy" kind of topic discussions in here - sometimes that worked, and sometimes we stopped them when we had the impression that they were getting out of hand and too agitated, but after many years of CC participation I fully trust in the ability of our community to sort out issues, and that we should have as few explicit "rules" as possible about what topics we discuss, and how the proportion between correcturitos or language discussions and "content" should be.

Sometimes I don't have the time to contribute much "content" and then I write only correcturitos; at other times I feel like relating things from my everyday life or have small talk or contribute to a more serious topic - and that's how I like the CC. Comment I guess hm was only shirty about something, had a bad day, stood up in the morning with the wrong foot and therefore showed her displeasure probably in more huffish words than intended. Giving another set of corrections in her recent message, I think, put it all into perspetctives again, so we shouldn't hang on it any longer.

Don't we have all 'one of these days' every now and then were things come across not quite the way they're meant? Comment 'Shirty' ist eigentlich nicht ein Wort, dass man unter freundlichen Bekannten verwendet. Das ist weit im Westen, also sehr anders als der Rest des Staates. Kommt jemand hier aus einer Stadt oder Gegend, die auf einem? Film mal verewigt worden ist?

Und wenn ja, war die Darstellung denn glaubhaft oder eher nicht? Comment Kommt jemand hier aus einer Stadt oder Gegend, die auf einem? Oh yes, here is a short list :- Und wenn ja, war die Darstellung denn glaubhaft oder eher nicht? More or less.. Comment I don't know if you know Tatort - a crime series set in different cities and with different Komissare , and one batch was filmed and set in Duisburg in the '80s, where I grew up: Der Hauptkommissar Schimanski markierte eine Wende in der Reihe der gradlinigen Tatort-Kommissare ausgenommen Kressin.

Er stellte einen von der 68er-Protestbewegung beeinflussten Mann dar, der immer noch gegen die Generation der NS-Zeit auf seine Weise rebellierte. Und mit deutschen Untertiteln, wenn die Figuren oft Dialekt oder schnell und umgangssprachlich sprechen. Ob das wohl geklappt hat? Comment hm: 'Shirty' ist eigentlich nicht ein Wort, dass man unter freundlichen Bekannten verwendet. What would be an acceptable alternative, 'miffled by sth. But somehow German crime stories aren't my cup of tea. Even if I'm not from Vienna thanks goodness, but still it's the nearest big city there were of course lots of films and series made too and even if I'm not a regular watcher there are very often places you know.

But I guess that's not so difficult with a city like Vienna, where there are so many typical places and buildings. Sorry, I just looked immediately for but can't find a cinema where they are playing these days. Comment Poor Advohannes, you really must have a rather boring live then Comment Yes, for sure, Sachs. But it is ok for me. It's just the unavoidable destiny of a small town boy, you know?

I take comfort in meditating on interesting questions I come across with in this stupid life, like: Is it allowed to make movies without being on drugs? Comment Gibson 39 : Is that very bad English, then? Ein durchaus treffender Ausdruck. RenaRd 40 Boehringer ist doch das deutsche Pharmaunternehmen, von dem wir Spiriva und andere Arzneimittel haben, oder? Oder ist es einem untersagt, Firmen und ihren Marke hier beim Namen zu nennen? Sachs 45 Tut mir leid wegen der durchgestrichenen Buchstaben.

Die Pluralform des Nomens gibt es zwar, aber seit Anfang des Jahrhunderts wird sie immer und immer seltener verwendet. RenaRd is it inten tional that you haven't activated the personal message button? Vorher hatte ich in anderen Foren zu viele PMs bekommen, die gar nicht PMs zu sein brauchte, oder sogar welche bekommen, die viel zu privat oder gar unangenehm intim waren.

Seitdem schalte ich solch eine Funktion immer sofort aus beziehungsweise nie an. Ginge das? Bis bald Comment Good morning, everybody! Some of you may remember that I was in Beijing two years ago related discussion: Crossover Chat - I was invited as an arbiter for a xiangqi tournament my official job title was "Deputy Chief Arbiter", sounds great, doesn't it? Why do I tell you that now? Oh, the first and most important reason is that there may be snails around who do not know how famous a person I am ;- And the second reason is that I will go again this year.

I just got my ticket. Officially, I'm an arbiter again, but this time it would not surprise me too much if they asked me to give online comments again. Please keep your fingers crossed that there will not be too much smog in Beijing in December! What do others think? Oder ist es einem untersagt, Firmen und ihre Marken hier beim Namen zu nennen?

I think you can call a spade a spade here as long as you are not a shareholder of a spade company. I'm not completely sure what you wanted to say, so I will refrain from a correction. Comment Well, there's an endless list of films and TV plays which are filmed in Munich. The city even sometimes acts as a different location. The first Tatort with the character Lena Odenthal is located in Ludwigshafen, but was completely shot here.

The - at that time - not renaturelised Isar once had to act as some Rhein-Herne-Kanal in a Schimanski film. And so on and so forth. Comment I'm not yet sure whether I will make it to Beijing. I just got a call from the visa office. Obviously, the regulation for getting a Chinese tourist visa have changed. Nowadays, you will have to send a proof of the flight reservation and a copy of a hotel reservation for all days of your journey.

I did not have any of those things when I applied for the visa, but in the meantime I got a letter of invitation and my ticket. So I may still make it, but I'm a bit shocked that applying for Chinese visa has become that complicated. How would I have done that back in the nineties when I went to China for the first time? At that time I had not booked a room for a single night. Okay, finding hotels and booking has become much easier, but still Comment hm—us , Marfa is your home town, then? I read all about it, even the amusing story about the Marfa Lights.

As I see it most people loved Schimanski because he was a prole — dirty, drinking, thrashing, and breaking every rule. That was new in the 80ies. Short cuts and faster camera panning made the films more action-loaded. But you may need subtitles then. Subtitles for German viewers would be helpful!

A huge plant for research is situated here in my home town. PM-on-demand sounds OK, btw harambee , Interesting tournament, interesting job you do know all the rules? Who pays for flight and accomodation? Do you have spare time for some sightseeing? He reported about a lot of smog in Bejjing recently. Comment RenaRd, I'm not completely sure who will pay for flight and accommodation, because a few organizations are involved.

But the important thing is that I don't have to pay. In the morning I will be free, but the rounds start at 2pm and I must not be late. So I have to get out of the hotel pretty early if I want to see something. We will see. And I agree with your observation that in the good old times December in Beijing was great. I remember very well how nice it was during my first trip despite the cold and some chilly wind.

Comment Hello everybody! And sorry if anybody thinks I'm shouting, it's friendly ment because I brimed over with enthusiasm for this I'm really busy at the moment, so please excuse can I say "apologise" here as well or is that not appropriate? The weather here in France is terrible!

I'm always cold and I miss the sun. Not that Northern Germany is much better, but still, it gets me down. The school lessons don't seem to be a big problem for me, however, I'm fed up of hearing French around me all day long. Simultaneously, I started to catch up the topics of my school at home and most of the stuff is basically boring. I fear that ocram decided to leave us for a while. Comment Hello guys, it seemed I decide to come back the right moment. I thought I got more time with the start of November but our project is still going on. No I start a new try with my statement: I hope I get more time beginning next week.

The second part which was keeping me so busy was a seminar which I visited on my own account. This weekend are the last lessons. On Saturday there is a small check-up about my knowledge. So I try to prepare myself every evening. Sachs: what a beautiful story.

Comment Alien Nein, please excuse my absence. You can apologize for your absence, but we can't, we can only excuse it. RenaRd: Nein, hm--us wohnt nicht in Marfa. Children of the Corn was denn sonst? Cow from Hell habe ich nicht gesehen. Es gibt auch Filme, die Michigan zeigen. Amy, are you kidding? Do I look like an early bird? To me that sounds slightly more idiomatic, but you know me and you hopefully have a few grains of salt at hand. Comment Well, harambee, then you need to do your sightseeing at night, go to bed around 6 a.

Problem solved! Cow from Hell? Whyever not? It sounds like a masterpiece of auteur cinema. I'll have to find out if my video rental store is carrying it. RenaRd 59 : Ich hatte einst eine Gelegenheit, bei Roche zu arbeiten, aber ich wollte nicht so weit weg von meiner Familie wohnen. Ich glaube, ich war auf dem Holzweg. Passt "geradezu" auch nicht in diesem Satz? Auf Englisch Alien13 und ocram1 : Sieh an, die Verschollenen!

Vielleicht deshalb konnte ich mich mit der Sprache nie so richtig anfreunden. Bis die Tage! Comment Hallo zusammen! Heute z. Nein, Danke! Der Wettbewerb geht darum, wer den besten Bart bzw. RenaRd: Ich bin dir vom letzten Haus eine Antwort schuldig. Comment [call a spade a spade] Man sollte diesen Ausdruck nur mit Vorsicht und Bedacht verwenden, denn in gewissen Kreisen gilt "spade" leider als eine rassistische Beleidigung. Surely this is only the case when calling this somebody to his face? According to the source you cited, the same is true for words like shade, shadow, skillet or smoke.

Yet surely nobody can object to the use of these words in every day conversation. Why should the case of spade, as in "gardener's tool", be any different? I read von Lettow-Vorbeck's biography and some other works related to his battles with the British last year. Fascinating story and country Comment harambee : Just out of curiosity: Do you speak Mandarin?

Some of the snails may have the impression that most people of Bejing speak or understand English. But hopefully your nice according to her voice co-commentator will guide you through the night life. Or did things change over the last ten years essentially?

So possibly she's willing to tell us more about her hometown next time? But Iowa is more than countryside, I guess. But what do you think about changing the syntax? Gibson is used to it as well I guess. What about you, Robert? No girl or woman would do that voluntarily, but for a good cause… And obviously it worked! Thanks a lot for your additional information. Comment Nur noch ein Seminar heute und dann habe ich Ferien!

Eigentlich ist morgen der letzte Tag vor der Pause, aber ich habe an dem Tag keinen Unterricht. Und viel Turkey und Stuffing essen.. Aber diese Honeycrisps.. Ich krieg' nicht genug davon. Schade, dass sie relativ teuer sind und ich eine arme Studentin bin. Comment Lara: It is a bit unusual to call a break from work a "Pause", really. And then there are a few special meanings where it is used for longer breaks, for example "Babypause" for a mother who leaves her job for a longer period of time to care for a child.

But in your context, I think I'd stick to "Ferien". Any rightpondian snails who do? Sorry, no book tip on my mind right now I was also quite amused about the idea that girls or women not shaving their legs qualify to participate in a "No Shave" competition Comment Well, since this seems to be the thread of lost snails even Wik has come back - how long haven't we met?

Been very busy, but now that I'm back I realise that I have missed you. How are you all? And such a lovely opening poem, Sachs, I am very impressed! Lara, what kind of book recommendation? On a certain subject, or a certain genre? Comment wiiiiiiiii-chan!!! Ich habe dich vermisst! Comment Really? Aw, thanks. I wasn't aware of that, and am flattered. A great debut, I thought, about Angels and Demons and the end of the world. Had some novel ideas and made me think to be honest, the author's a friend of mine - but the book is really good and deserves some "plugging".

Comment Hi, wi-chan! Great to see you! I had bought "Sisterhood Everlasting" a long time ago and now I finally read it. I have to admit that the plot of the book surprised me twice, quite early and at the end. May be I am just not used to that kind of books. As I told you in the target audience are female adolescents and I definitely don't belong to that group. I nevertheless somehow liked it, but not enough to recommend it. RenaRd, I do not speak Mandarin, but I do know a few words, so that I can buy a beer or two better not four as I may get ten ;- or train tickets.

I think I know how to get around. However, Beijing has become easier. It is still true that not too many people speak English, but you will find somebody if you really need it. Ticket machines for the subway also have instructions these days, but I prefer to ignore them and to buy my ticket at the counter, because I can use one of my Chinese phrases.

If I had to buy four tickets, I would however prefer the machine. Otherwise I might get ten! Comment Das Buch sieht interessant aus, wi-chan. Das spart Lieferkosten, wenn ich alle drei zusammen bestellen kann. Comment Hmm, nobody comments on related discussion: Knochenwachstum - bone growth Is the answer so obvious or so difficult? Comment Hi harambee! The Mandarin words for four and ten are so similar, then? You could try to learn the phrase for "I have 6 tickets to sell" and practice that on the bloke behind you in the line Sorry, can't help you with the bone growth, despite having watched almost every episode of House, at least the first three or four seasons.

Ebooks then, hm? It was, in fact, the first ebook I ever bought. I usually only use the reader for work, in which case I am sent the books in question by mail. I do, however, yet have to read it, because I did not get around to it yet. Was up to my neck in tight deadlines ever since and still am.

So I couldn't recommend it yet, though I am sure it will be good, because his last books were. He has a tendency to write very long sentences, the kind that Mark Twain loved to mock. Thank you very much for your corrections! You're right, prepositions can be confusing One remark for you: "Vielleicht konnte ich mich deshalb nie so richtig mit der Sprache anfreunden.

Nicholas' Day down here. I take every chance to learn another one. It's just that I don't feel that close to French than to English, maybe because I've haven't had it for so many years and it starts to drive me crazy how they get upset and some expressions I don't really know how to explain it, though sometimes it's not basically exhausting, rather annoying to speak French.

Hey Robert , it's nice to hear from you! Are you an author? I'm interested in those novels. It's admirable that you're able to translate books into several languages, I don't think I could manage it! Thank you for the answer, Amy-MiMi! It's what I guessed. And I hope you don't have to work too much in our autumn days with all the leaves.

Comment Hello Alien, I don't think we've met. I used to come to the CC quite a while ago I believe it was literally years and then somehow lost track. My loss, as I discovered, because I missed those snails. And it's great to meet new ones. The first volume is "The Simoqin Prophecies". They used to be quite hard to get, the author and publisher being Indian, but I see they are now available for Kindle. One of the best fantasy trilogies I have ever read, using wonderfully confusing and bewildering Indian and other Asian legends and mythical beings I just remembered it when I read harambee write about "surprising plot turns", because Basu manages those on about every other page.

My favourite quote is actually from the second book, "The Manticore's Secret": "The Dark Lord sneezed and felt very sheepish about it, because Dark Lords were not supposed to catch colds. Comment Hallo, wi-chan! Tag, Alien! In der deutschen Ausgabe spielt die Geschichte in der Zeit des Kaisers Friedrich Barbarossa, und die Hauptfigur geht mit ihm auf den 3. Versammlung und Spendenaktion waren wirklich nur Tippfehler. Hallo, Carullus. Dass er mit nie mehr als 5, Truppen Schutztruppen, Kolonisten und Askaris eine Armee von bis zu Die Briten und ihre alliierten haben in Ostafrika nicht gewonnen; von Lettow-Vorbeck hat sich ergeben, nur weil er Befehle aus Berlin bekam und sein Widerstand keinen Sinn mehr hatte.

Kennst Du auch die Geschichte von der Lohnnachzahlung an die Askaris? Ja, die spinnen, die Amerikaner.

I was also quite amused about the idea [that] of girls or women not shaving their legs in order to qualify to participate in a "No Shave" competition Morgen ist der letzte Tag vor den Thanksgiving-Ferien. Ich werde in der Zeit hier vielleicht nicht so viel lesen oder posten.

Ho si ma ling, harambee. Ich hoffe, dass das richtig ist. Es gibt jetzt mindestens zwei Antworten zu Deiner Frage. Morgen bzw. Comment Carullus: Why should the case of spade, as in "gardener's tool", be any different? Vorsicht und Bedacht Wortstellung in [every day] everyday conversation. Ich frage mich immer noch, wie viele schlechte Gewohnheiten ich mir damals angeeignet habe.

Welche Farbe? I usually like foreign languages, or rather I should [better] say I adore them, for I can't imagine a life without them. It's just that I don't feel [that] as close to French [than] as to English though sometimes it's not [basically] so much exhausting [,] as rather annoying to speak French. Habe ich richtig verstanden, was du sagen wolltest? Es klingt aber soooo niedlich - darf ich das wirklich nicht nach Belieben sagen und schreiben? Dann bis die Tage! Comment wi-chan, your advice that I might try to sell six tickets if something goes wrong with the purchase is a tricky one.

Sounds good, but one of my problems with Chinese pronunciation is that I am awfully bad with the infamous tones. So, I might possess 12 tickets in the end. I have, however, the feeling that we have seen the peak of usage for that phrase, maybe twenty years ago it was quite in vogue, but I do't hear it so often anymore. Same story for "Bis denne! No time for correcturitos, sorry for that! Comment Oh dear, harambee.

How about "Three tickets, please. Oh, no, I just remembered - I need one more. It is, if anything, slightly dated, but rather common. By the way, I don't think we've met, either. Very - enigmatic. Robert , glad to hear that! And I must say, like RenaRd I am impressed. I would not dare translate into any other language but German, let alone write a book or textbook in that language! Enjoy your Thanksgiving break and family time! Goldammer , nice to see you again, too, even though you are in so much of a hurry.

And my very best wishes to all other snails, "old" and "new", who happen to be passing! Comment Hello wi-chan, I really missed you. Comment harambee : what about supporting your statement about how many tickets you need with raising 4 fingers? Or is that beneath you? Noticed your communications off and on on the other channel we share, but I'm pleased to read you again in here! If you like history. And it might not be available in English yet.

It seems that nearly every year a good old sort vanishes being replaced by a new not necessarily better one… Hi wi-chan. I seem to remember I noticed your nick when I skimmed the CC history. Nice to meet you. We stayed in a wonderful ski hut above Mittenwald, at a height of meters; for 8 weeks altogether, skiing 6 to 8 hours per day. Writing books of that kind needs a lot of research, I assume; and doing all that beside teaching really needs passion!

Munich was your first and last visit to Germany? Are you going to tell us more by and by? For those who wondered about the context. It's not that common! Comment Yes, yes, I know how Chinese show numbers with fingers, but that would not have made an interesting story, would it? Comment A fast response, harambee! I supposed that You knew it. But in the end It was good you intervened cause I remembered it wrong. With one hand only, though. I should have guggled it, too Because I wouldn't talk in colloquial language to my boss.

Well, in fact I might say it because in my company, we have a very informal way of communicating. But what you did say was that it was a "working class term" - that's something different imo, and it was exactly that statement that I disagreed with. I do agree that it is not "gehobene Sprache", not "standard" - if you mean "Tagesschaudeutsch" with that - and that it is funny because it is not grammatically correct.

Your statement further down about the Hannoverian German being dialect free was tongue-in-cheek, wasn't it??? Once again thank you very much for the corrections. I will have white paperhangings. My ingrain wall covering had a yellowness before and I didn't like that at all. One wall will be red, as my carpet and my beanbag and many other things in my room My biggest fear is to come back and have the feeling of loss and miss, that would be horrible.

Weren't you housed in a host family? I'm thinking about doing a language holiday next summer RenaRd : Yes, that's it. I believe you. Skiing is great, but two months defenitely seem to be too long. If you start an activity intensively which didn't belong to your daily life before, it's not easy to forget your old experiences. They stay anyway and that's humanity somehow, isn't it? Hello wi-chan! I'm happy to make your acquaintance! Well, as my name says, I'm quite an alien and I come from Mars.

I joined the chat some months ago as I adore English and I hope to improve my language skills here. You should know I'm often phylosophical and I still grieve for Cory Monteith. Sometimes I belong to the snails and sometimes to the "speedies", that depends I'm doing an three month exchange in France for the moment, but I'll be home in three weeks. Historical topics are interesting.

It takes time to find ideas, time to develop them, time and effort to start, to continue, to stay convinced Yes, me too. I think it might have been you, actually, who pointed him out to me in the first place. But yes, I've read "Heia Safari" and a few others, including "Afrika, wie ich es wiedersah" which I found much less impressive. I'd simply use "Soldaten" in this case. But, yes, quite a story. Of course I remember the battle of Tanga aka battle of the bees as well : Kennst Du auch die Geschichte von der Lohnnachzahlung an die Askaris? The last outstanding payments were made sometime around , I think :.

Comment Hallo wi-chan! Es freut mich dich kennenzulernen. Ich bin erst vor einem Monat in CC aufgetaucht. Eine Freundin von mir musste nach Wien ziehen, weil ihr Mann da einen Job bekommen hat. Leider machten wir alles aber auf Englisch. Ich sage "scheinbar", weil der Rechtsanwalt Englisch zehnmal besser konnte, als ich Deutsch. Oder ist das wieder dein trockener Humor??? Eventuell ginge "Bis die Tage" doch bei Ikea, wo alles so gelassen ist und man gezwungen wird, sogar den Boss zu duzen.

Die Wortstellung ist bestimmt meine Lindenblattstelle! My biggest fear is to come back and have the feeling of loss and miss Ich bin mir eigentlich nicht sicher, ob man "miss" als ein Nomen auf diese Weise verwenden kann. Irgendwie klingt der Satz unvollendet. Meinst du "miss" im Sinne von Fehlschuss? Dann musst du wenigstens einen Artikel verwenden: "a miss".

Be seein' ya! Einst war es auf Englisch auch so, dass einzelne Soldaten keine Truppen waren - und im Singular geht es immer noch nicht. Jetzt ist Feierabend, und die Ferien haben begonnen. Es war interessant, die Reaktionen anzuschauen. Versteh einer die Welt Happy upcoming Thanksgiving an alle in den USA! Ich freue mich schon und wieder auf pumpkin pie! Wie werdet ihr feiern? Was sind eure Lieblingsspeisen?

I guess. It was just a laps, sorry. Na ja, hier schneit es, und Schnee hat Robert wahrscheinlich nicht. Alien: Auf Englisch bist du ph i losophical Goldammer: Was ist Tagesschaudeutsch? Donnerstag habe ich mit Freunden, die nach Texas gezogen sind, telefoniert. Ich fragte die Frau: Hast du schon mal einen Kulturschock erlebt? Sie antwortete darauf: Jeden Tag. See Deutsch etymology for details. Of course there is. But you can't use it to refer to individual soldiers the way you can in English. In German "Truppen" always means groups of soldiers. I don't think we're actually in disagreement here.

Comment Und ich habe den Unterschied ganz gut verstanden. Comment Amy-MiMi : To be honest, I created the term "Tagesschaudeutsch" - somehow I had BBC-English in the back of my mind and wanted to describe a type of language which is used in non-colloquial contexts, language with a kind of "official" ring to it. Thanksgivvukkah - very interesting!

And thanks for your special link. May I suggest the following differentiation then because Robert is still on the wrong track in my eyes : Der Trupp: Eine kleinere Gruppe von Soldaten, z. Kompanie, Bataillon, Division etc. Comment Now I have finished my seminar. I have passed the check. But it wasn't a real check. We got a test script, but anybody could give the answer loud. But anyway I am happy about the certificate I got. Now I will send this to my favourite employer to increase my chance for a job next year.

I think my current employer will be very sad. Ok, maybe the girls from the chess-club. But the cheerleader girls But it is an nice idea. I think its easier for the boys to let their beard grow. Comment Alien , how interesting to hear that you have shoes and credit cards on Mars. Even more fascinating that there is a France there, too. I am losing track, to be honest It is nice to meet you again , anyway!

Just said "Bis die Tage" to my boss, she didn't seem to mind. However, since I'm self-employed, I'm afraid it's not exactly a representative sample. And it is a very nice name. You asked what we were doing for Thanksgiving. Well, it's usually my father's birthday around this time, and by a strange coincidence his birthday is around this time this year, too!

And since his wife is American, she usually invites his children and grandchildren to a large Thangsgiving dinner, with turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes. She also makes pineapply thingies, not as sweet as cakes, but sweeter than bread; I don't know what they are called, but they are good, too. So next weekend, I am in for a treat! But don't you think it's a bit stereotypical to assume that girls from a chess club would welcome hair on their feet, whereas a cheerleader wouldn't?

I mean, both usually wear shoes and socks, at least in this season, so it would not actually be weirder for one than for the other, really. It should be a joke. Kisan Oh no, if this picture is true I would never go to such a challenge. Comment Hi wi-chan, long time no see!

Actually, I did 'see' you the other day and was impressed by your thoroughness in finding out what 'double E' meant when the translator herself didn't seem to bother and just made something up. It's nice to see that publishers still pay for editing and I hope you can live off it. Hello everybody else, too. But I don't really have anything else to say :. Comment wi-chan, your 80 seems to be another attempt to make me buy an e-reader ;- The book definitely sounds interesting although I'm afraid that I might lose track because of all the difficult names. Even with normal names I'm normally not good and always confuse people in a story.

Comment Thank you, Gibson. Would it restore your belief in the world even more if I told you that the editor-in-chief was also impressed by my thoroughness, in fact even so much that he offered me an additional 20 per cent of my fee because that particular translation was rather a mess? Those are the moments when you know you made the right call. To be honest I don't have to live off it, thanks to wi-chan-Mann.

I believe I could, though, even if only just. Yet, I have to bite my teeth and accept the fact that he will always earn more than a freelance translator and editor like me, which is not always easy. Harambee , I am certainly not trying to make you do anything I know you did not really mean that! Still, for books like that, that are otherwise hard to come by, or for backlist titles that haven't been available for a long time, e-readers are a great thing.

As a "book scientist" for the snails who don't know me yet: I studied "Buchwissenschaft" , I am naturally curious about where this development might lead. Oh, I know what you mean. I am also easily confused by names in novels, especially if one character has more than one name. I noticed this in Lord of the Rings, for example, which would be complex enough even if Gandalf didn't have different names in every other town he comes to The names in the Gameworld trilogy are strange, but at least consistent, as far as I remember.

No, I'm not a chess player, ocram I know the rules, but that's about it, I could not think strategically if my life depended on it. Nor am I a cheerleader. I just don't like prejudices. But I understand that it was meant to be joke. One of the problems of the Internet, I suppose, is that you can't see the other person's face to see how they mean something. Makes communication all the more important - which brings us back to what a great thing the CC is to get us to communicate in such a pleasant way!

Das Rezept ist ganz einfach und ich glaube, ich schaffe es ohne Problem. Ein paar Mal habe auch ich Korrektur gelesen. Ziemlich anstrengend, das Ganze. Und gerade weil ich ziemlich pingelig bin, zumindest was die geschriebene Sprache angeht, will ich auch Korrektur bekommen, je pingeliger desto besser.

Stimmt das wirklich? Ich werde sofort versuchen, eine Hannover-Tatort-Folge zu gucken. Den zweiten Satz habe ich aber nicht verstanden. Meintest du etwa "Unless you're lucky enough to find a Lower Saxon dialect? Guten Abend, gute Nacht, guten Morgen, je nachdem! Comment Good morning Europe. Goodnight Canada. Comment Hallo Wolfman! Comment Hey Wolfman, you still there? Nice to see you!

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I don't think she would like that, to be honest, so what my brothers and I do is help while are there, cutting and stirring and that kind of thing. It usually is my oldest brother's job to help turn the turkey, for example a task during which my stepmom usually complains that German ovens are far too small for that kind of thing ;-. Thank you for your recipe, though, I'll be sure to try it one day! You are right, I thought of "bite my tongue" and then wasn't sure what verb actually went with teeth. Thank you! Biting teeth doesn't really make sense, now that I think about it.

It is said that people from Hannover speak the "clearest" German with the least amount of dialect. However, I hasten to add that this is said mainly by the people from Hannover or at least, they were the people who said it to me. Are you sure that's the word you were looking for? If you are interested in Ruhrgebietssagen, however, Wolfman might be the one to ask! Duden does not know it. Comment Hi snails, I'm just insanely busy at the moment. Finishing up at work here, the last week has started. Since I was drafted into a special assignment over the last weeks, I couldn't finish eveything else as planned, so I'm struggling to leave a clean desk.

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IN addition, the preparation for the new job have started in earnest, finding a house, getting a bank account, organize the move, and whatever else is necessary or desirable. At least my new employer gives quite a bit of support. Still, it demands time and attention. Wi-chan : so I inspired you to come back? It has been a while. Comment What a race again! My desk's pretty full at present, so I'm busy with trying to keep up with what you all write, but hardly find the time - or enough interesting news - to write myself.

The past two nights the "big sugar sprinkler" was passing through, but not more than a whiff of snow in the morning yet. My recent readings was a medical thriller by Tess Gerritsen and I started a quintology or how would you call a 5 book box? Back to work now - see you. And the bad conscience, because I promised in the "jubilee CC" that I'd write more later, and then didn't How are you doing?

What country are you living in right now? Last time we met, it was still Cork that's how long ago that is. I just seem to remember your nick, which is rather unusual and sounds kind of Chinese. Are there any connections to Lara Chu? Looking for etymological roots I found this hint with regard to dyers in the past: cit. In dem Topf wurde das Indigo zwischen 3 Eisenkugeln zerrieben, die man hin und her bewegte. Comment Wi-chan , it must have been 5 years since we met in Cork. You just catch me at the point where I'm about to leave the Netherlands after more than 3 years and have my triumphant return to the Emerald Isle.

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Not Cork, unfortunately, but the location is good enough. How are the books piling up? I hope all is well otherwise! Comment RenaRd , there is a kind of connection, insofar as neither I or Lara do have any Asian connection whatsoever! The nick was given to me by a friend, who is slightly Japan-crazy. It is a Japanese diminutive, meaning "the little [person whose name begins with Wi]". When I was looking for a nick, I found that to be appropriately anonymous, yet still personal enough that even in a few years I knew I could relate to it. That kind of sentence "jars" with me.

As far as I and wikipedia understand it, "an accent is a manner of pronunciation peculiar to a particular individual, location, or nation. RP is an accent, too, and so is the accent of Hannover. Thank you for looking up Pingel! Quite interesting. Wik , you are right, I think I remember you mentioned the Netherlands.

All the best for your "relocation"! And say hello to Ireland for me, I have fond memories of that rather wet and wonderful vacation. Oh my The books are piling up, alright. Already dreading February, when we are going to move. That will mean a lot of heavy boxes Comment wi-chan , what a nice way of giving a name!